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update on toxic runoff...
Oil spill containment nets , orginally suppposed to be paid by I.M.C.Holdings...also known as International Maritime Carriers-hong kong..., also known as Mr.frank tsao jr....who claims that even though he went to university of michigan , he isnt a u.s. citizen , so he doesnt have to fix his ship while in seattle so the engine wouldnt seize and dump 130 million poounds of oil tainted soybeans that never had a "debris", 'containment net', with retro fitted fuel barge to transfer spillled oil just under surface of sea level , without allowing underwater currents to take the toxic runoff further,,,,
Originallly, the company rep for the m/v selendang ayu, responsible for National Contingency Plan adjustments from all the failures exhibited,, all the way through crew (from human resource board ) who undermines a nation with $27,000,0000 paid (most of which spent on 5star hotel and catered food "around the clock" , before any spill response equiopment what so ever.

After the company got a premature plea deal from the u.s. attorney " see M/V SELENDANG AYU.In 2 Party sellout alaska, the hongkong shipping Houston , texas based _ 'M.R.Associates - King Wood ,Texas.
Bill Mcclellan- Lied on a testimony of documents recieved and never presented the document regarding the losses of the catcher processor fleet from the "By-Catch Violating , f/v baranof and f/v courageous (also known as Cape romanzof fishing _ there F/V cape greig is at gas lamp parks Northlake Terminal ON the canal just before surf shop on bike path. Beware the bike path's utilities transfer stations, they zap your college university intelligence in the head.....

Thos Current Isolating Nets Are needed with a more impermeable catch of the toxic uranium water and foam that need not travel outside the vicinity...

U.s. Fishermen told japan they would work their boats trapping the toxic run off. that sent most of the sludge from the nuke meltdown between china main land and japan ...Isolate deep down so not breaking down......Use Recycled Aluminum Planes for isolators and do it quikly before they chop it all up with some breakable plastic that only gets rigidoty from the strains of metal , that were found to be more integral left to gether, but chemical addivitives from fools ruining everyone elses future present resources from discource of Free Market Capitalist abuses regurgitated from further speculation off capital gains taht doesnt pay the 28% i have to pay..
Independent party needed to take the good from democrats and barley left of republican , but doesnt seem to be within seniority leadership ,,.... its alll shareholder welfare off unsustainable policies that give discounted rates at ports already overwhelmed , to be more "business friendly", so governors can get treated with more

homepage: homepage: http://baranofcourageous.com



Impermeable LIners from General Electric were never paid for nor made due to pay off of 2 party monopoly. #Fukushima.....#M/V SelendangAYu "NEVER FIXED"NATIONAL CONTINGENCY PLAN FOR ROUGH WEATHER SPILL RESPONSE.COM