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Green Join Call for Libyan No-Fly Zone

Almost every international body on the left, from Anarachists in Greece and Germany to Greens in Austratlian, have joined call for Libya No-Fly Zone enforced by U.N.
Greens join call for Libyan no-fly zone
By Jeremy Thompson

Posted Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:04pm AEDT

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd's campaign for a no-fly zone over Libya has found support from an unusual quarter - the Greens.

The Greens are rarely supporters of armed interventions, opposing the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 and then calling for a withdrawal of Australian troops from Afghanistan.

But Greens MP Adam Bandt says the people of Libya need help now.

"The Libyan rebels are calling for it, the Arab League supports it, and the international community needs to get on with it," he said.

"A no-fly zone would enable the Libyan people to have a fighting chance of ending the Gaddafi dictatorship.

"There is a window of opportunity for freedom in Libya and throughout the Middle East. We need to grasp it with two hands."

He said recent media reports of differences between Mr Rudd and Prime Minister Julia Gillard's positions on the issue "should not be allowed to derail the Government's advocacy for the no-fly zone".

High-ranking US officials have warned that any attempt to impose a no-fly zone on Libya would first entail a bombing campaign to destroy the country's anti-aircraft defences.

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. 17.Mar.2011 12:37


Last I heard the Libyan people fighting the existing regime do not want outside military action in Libya. A No-Fly Zone would entail NATO bombing of military sites in Libya.

. 17.Mar.2011 12:52


Also, it is likely the various power interests in Libya would rally round Qaddafi if the country were attacked from outside. If so, not good for the rebellion.

they never learn 17.Mar.2011 13:41


And what power do the greens, or anyone else who might be on the 'left', have to prevent sidetracking the mission to something else? How many of the 'left' are in positions of any power or influence in the world's military establishments? Or, a better question, which nation, if any, is on the 'left' with any influence?

If the Europeans were so hot to get rid of Ghaddafi, they could have done it easily: don't buy his oil, don't sell him arms. Well...

? 17.Mar.2011 14:09


Anarchists are asking the biggest conglomerate of state power, the UN, to interfere in the affairs of another state?

Hell Yes, Anarchists ARE of course presuring the United Nations 17.Mar.2011 16:38

Anonymous Organization

If Roseburg Oregon outlawed anarchists, pinkos, and labor democrats -- and started shooting them in the streets, anarchists elsewhere, including Portland and Ashland, would pressure any and every higher governmental power to protect human rights.

Its called exploiting the contradictions of the governments in power. Go read your Marx.

rex 17.Mar.2011 16:44


what anarchist? are asking...

not sure how you got to that conclusion?

brainwash alert 17.Mar.2011 16:44


Let me get this straight. The imperial powers want to bomb another oil country, and "the Greens" are backing them?

How sad. It seems we should have had enough of this bullshit. Who really still thinks the US and allies are bastions of human rights and "freedom", after everything that's totally out about torturing people in this country and all over the planet, waging naked, illegal wars for the profits of Halliburton and Xe, destroying the world with various horrible weapons, destroying our civil liberties and creating a surveillance planet so a few megacorporations can eat eveything up that's lef?

Must be a flamer here on indymedia. At least, I hope that's what it is.

Maybe go coast somewhere else 17.Mar.2011 17:29

What Internationalism Means

Its taken massive pressure from below to get "world powers" off their butts toward curbing Gaddafi killing machine.

You think Gaddafi oil isn't going to the western oil companies already? You think the people of Libya don't have the right to overthrow the murderous bastard?

indymedia, please remove this 17.Mar.2011 20:01


This is absolutely flamer blather.

The US has a long history of creating tyrants, profiting off their ill-gains, and then killing them. This war will have nothing to do with human rights. Follow the money, as I'm sure you do!

Yes, Follow the Money! 17.Mar.2011 20:18

Gaddafi Accountants

Your favorite tyrrant -- what warplane and tank corporations made his arsenal? Don't interfer, but sell him the power to kill millions is o.k. And who bought his oil to furnish the money to buy the warplanes? Chevron and other western oil companies. Your bogeyman the United States is already up to its neck in Libya. So what the human rights movement worldwide wants is to even the playing field a little.

. 17.Mar.2011 22:34


Then the human rights movement is bullshit. The way to level the playing field is to get serious about targeting the war makers (corporations), not giving them an excuse to drop more bombs so they can then sell more of them. It is such self serving bullshit for people in the US to be self righteous about supporting some rebels opposing a thug like Qaddafi and at the same time be too cowardly to risk themselves to target the corporate powers at home who make the Qaddafi's in the first place. I am sure that if you talked face to face with such rebels they would tell you to stop focusing on them and get your own house in order (rebel at home).

here 17.Mar.2011 23:35

we go again

Great... The US is going to attack Libyan military targets. And as experience has shown with US attacks in other countries on military targets, lots of civilians usually die as well.

Troll Alert 17.Mar.2011 23:37


Goddess, where'd you pick up your lines? "Human rights activists"(like Clinton, Bono, Bill Gates?) attacking another sovereign country,killing thousands of people, to "level the playing field"? It's certainly been leveled in Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. But perhaps you're right--the NGOs,so closely allied with the imperial governments/corporations now, maybe ARE leading the charge. Mayhaps they're responsible for some, but probably not all of the momentum. Good for business, another war front is.

Naa, you're a troll....

Idiots 17.Mar.2011 23:42


Instituting a no-fly zone is not easy. A no-fly zone will require a sustained and systematic assault on Libyan infrastructure such as airports, communication hubs and roadways. This will be carried out by US warplanes. In Iraq, the US went in there to protect the Iraqi people from the evil dictator Saddam. The country suffered far more from our help than it did under Saddam. That is likely to be the case in Libya.

I feel sorry 17.Mar.2011 23:46

For Libya

The viral campaign to push US intervention in Libya succeeded and now the Libyan people will be bombed with US munitions including depleted uranium. The string of articles supporting intervention will likely stop on this site now that the objective is secure. That is until the US wants to send ground troops.

start Nuremberg trials for US elites; U.S./U.N. will kill civilians/all in Libya 18.Mar.2011 01:13


Hypocrite watch:

And just how is the U.S. bombing of Libya going to differentiate "human rights of civilians" from the Libyan military?

It isn't. This is nothing like a humanitarian intervention. What an Orwellian term that is: "humanitarian intervention." Empty words. It's just the invasion and destruction of another country to integrate it into the U.S. global samurai government of appointed local military dictator puppets.

It's an aggressive Fourth Reich invasion by the U.S.A. that will splay bullets through anything that moves civilians and otherwise. The Libyans don't want an invasion. Neither did several dozen countries around the world in the past 50 years.

Take your U.N./U.S. invasion and start to count the civilians that the U.S. and U.N. will kill in Libya.

It's interesting to watch more war crimes being conducted by the U.S. and now even the U.N. Global criminal elites have rarely been more visible in world history, steering whole governments to take over countries for their continued managed wealth.

The U.S. isn't going to put a democracy there, it's just going to put a repressive dictator. Besides no one has the right to invade another country, fool. That's what they went after the Nazis for in WWII, at Nuremburg remember?