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If this man were in Elf he'd be doing 20 years, but since he's not he's fine

Preacher Dan formerly of PSU has threatened 2 judges and the DA on his facebook page, said that Yah is going to use him to "take down the State," and published literally dozens of increasingly graphic threats to his ex wife on his 10 year old son's facebook wall, but faces no serious charges. Had he said Muhammad was going to help him or been involved with ELF they would have stormed him down yesterday.

there are no ads on this page except on the counter, I really am just trying to spread the word on this in the hopes the MSM will pick it up. This man is a direct threat to at least a dozen people and needs to face serious charges.

homepage: homepage: http://www.spiritandtorah.info/

On the third hand 17.Mar.2011 08:14


Union solidarity forever!

On the fifth hand 17.Mar.2011 13:55

Simon Moon

Erisian Liberation Front solidarity forever!

HAIL ERIS! 17.Mar.2011 14:23


For justice is just as is!