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US Surgeon General tells Bay Area reporter that public should buy potassium iodide tablets as US Government buys up potassium iodide tablets in US.
Surgeon General Regina Benjamin told a group of reporters in the bay area that she thinks it is a wise move for the public to buy Potassium Iodide Tablets.

She also made a number of comments that suggested the government is taking this matter a little more seriously than previously reported by the mainstream media. She told reporters that the government is prepared and has medical teams ready to go.

* While the Surgeon General is advising people to go out and buy the iodide tablets, it looks like her bosses in Washington might be making that impossible as reports are coming in of a government buy up of Iodide tablets:

U.S. Supplies of potassium iodide pills are taking a huge hit as people flock to the stores in search of protection from possible nuclear fallout.

A number of stores across the west coast are reporting that they are completely sold out. And a pharmacist at a Walgreen's in California told us that they would not be getting anymore because the government has seized all supplies.

Fleming Pharmaceuticals, maker of ThyroShield a potassium iodide used in nuclear emergencies, said in a press release today that before the Japanese Quake the federal government already has stockpiled millions of doses. The company claims that some of the federal stockpile has expired and the remaining supply is set to expire over the year.

White House chief spokesman Jay Carney continued to tell the press that the U.S. is not in danger, but wouldn't comment on the governments stockpiling program.

Potassium iodide, which is sometimes are sold as anti-radiation pills can protect your thyroid from radiation by blocking the absorption of radioiodine. Potassium iodide does not protect from all side effects of radiation poisoning and can have a number of side effects. It should only be taken in prescription doses if the radiation reaches the coast at dangerous levels.

UPDATE: 3-15-2011 11:24p.m pst

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released a statement about potassium iodide policy.
Dori Salcido, a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Health, said that they will be looking into "every aspect" of the Japanese disaster including ""Policy options relating to KI distribution."

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