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VIDEO: Sharing Public Sidewalks Advisory Committee Meeting Mar 7 2011

This is the monthly meeting, that discuss the sidewalk ordinance and a chance to talk about the city's recent sharing the sidewalk 'rules' or problems with the ordinance. The meeting is attended by a variety of citizens and city agencies. This is a discussion group organized by Commisioneer Fritz.
sharing public sidewalk meeting 3.7.11
sharing public sidewalk meeting 3.7.11
The monthly meeting that discusses sidewalk use/laws and homeless issues filmed on March 7 2011
This is open to the public, and held on the first Monday of the month
The meeting is at 3:30 in The Portland Building (downtown) on the 2nd floor room C

(video 76 minutes)

Agenda Topics:

Welcome and Introductions
Housing, Shelter and Camping Updates
Police Bureau Updates
ONI Crime Prevention Program Updates
Urgent Concerns from Community Members
Share Criteria for Sidewalk Ordinance Warnings/Citations Data
Future Agenda Items

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