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Is Karmic Fallout on Its Way?

to the nation who first dealt atomic death, then atomic "relief"
Is it the fickle finger of fate or karmic law on a national scale that threatens to return radioactive terror to the country which first wielded it? Who first delivered to the Japanese people the deadly force of the atom on August 8, 1945, then later repackaged and sold it to them as a panacea for a burgeoning, intensely proud and nationalistic population, desparately yearning for first world status, and requiring huge amounts of otherwise unavailable energy to power their manufacturing monster into competition with the other comparatively huge and well resourced first world nations.
What wisdom, if any, held sway during the many years of construction, deployment, and devoted reliance upon nuclear power to the extent of constructing the staggering number of 54 separate reactors in a country the size of the state of Montana and sited upon some of the most seismically volatile land on Earth, a tiny landmass balanced at the convergence of four tectonic plates and producing 1/5th of all the world's earthquakes? Who would have imagined that a people raised with such an acute understanding of the tempermental and devastatingly deadly nature of the earth beneath them, whose art and language reflects their intimate surrender to it, could have been convinced of the logic to risk everything for temporary gain?

One need only look back in recent recorded history to realize how obviously unsuitable such a region is for any such developments:

Mino-Owari, Japan - October 28, 1891
A powerful quake caused the earth to open along a 60-mile-long line, sometimes moving as much as 40 feet.

Tokyo-Yokohama, Japan - September 1, 1923
A huge 8.3 magnitude tremor displaced land 15 feet horizontally and 6 feet vertically and caused the sea bed to fall 300 meters (1,000 feet) off a nearby bay. More than half a million buildings collapsed, and a 36-foot-high tsunami swept over the coast. The two cities burned for two days and 150,000 people died.

Tango, Japan - March 7, 1927
A quake struck which measured 8.0 on the Richter scale

Ito, Japan - November 25, 1930
Over a period of several weeks, 4,880 moderate shocks were recorded with a record of 690 in one day.

Hopefully this horrific tragedy may at least serve as a much needed and belated wake-up-call for a world in the white-knuckled grip of hyper-consumerism wherein an ever-increasing amount of energy and resources must be consumed in order to maintain profitability. It should be remembered that the great civilisations of the past, whose monumental creations still fill us with awe, accomplished these marvels without reliance upon earth-threatening energy resources. How can humanity be so easily lured to race blindly towards self-destruction at an ever-increasing rate, unwilling to wait-out the maturation of efficient, truly green energy technology?

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this is STUPID. 16.Mar.2011 00:22


If it's karma, then what did the Japanese folks do to deserve this disaster?

Let's talk about "karma," anyway. How many animals are 99% of people responsible for killing because they like the taste? That's pretty fucking evil.

If there's "karma" for evil behavior, then no human being on the planet escapes it.

Stop being an idiot and looking for fault when bad things happen to folks.