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I know headlines like that might just make most folks roll their eyes at this point I mean, what doesn't climate change cause these days, am I right? And I realize that people are skeptical of news-cycle tie-ins, like this very story appears to be. But just because it's sort of depressing to keep tabs on all of the myriad impacts of ol' climate change occurring the world over, doesn't mean we should be glossing over facts like this: Geologists believe that global warming may already be causing more earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. After all, screwing with the world's ornery climate system to the extent which we have is bound to have far-reaching effects effects like huge amounts of melting ice causing the earth's crust to "bounce" up, potentially triggering earthquakes.

Which makes sense. And if you ask me, now is a perfectly apt time to be analyzing such possible causal relationships, like the one between climate change and earthquakes (which set off tsunamis). You are, after all, perhaps turning to a green site like TreeHugger to examine the environmental implications of various world events. But some insist this reeks of opportunism (especially those amongst the anti-climate crowd) and therefore should be immediately written off as sensationalism.

Which geologists? 15.Mar.2011 17:45

Toe Tag

Name three. Name one, for that matter.

huh? 15.Mar.2011 18:43


its claims that this that Foxnews picks up on and makes all climate change arguments look foolish.

well 16.Mar.2011 14:30


Considering you are posting this with pretty wild claims ("directly linked") and no facts whatsoever, or sources, it kind of does qualify as sensationalism.

Claptrap bullshit 19.Mar.2011 11:58

Fredric L. Rice frice@skeptictank.org

Complete lies. Climate change taking place on the Earth's surface and atmosphere has *zero* effect on the crustial and magma chambers or subduction zones which cause Earthquakes.

Anyone who believes this bullshit deserves to hand all of their money and their brains to Scientology, it's that fucking stupid.