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Poison in our Skies

There is a covert program, of enormous proportions, which has been going on all around us for over 15 years now: A fleet of specially-modified jets is criss-crossing our skies, dispensing lingering streams of toxic chemicals, powdered metals, and unusual biological components into the atmosphere, and yet, a great many people are still unaware of this.
Chemtrails over north Idaho - Photo taken August 2000 by David Griffin
Chemtrails over north Idaho - Photo taken August 2000 by David Griffin
Portland regularly has multiple jets spraying overhead, and this is going on not only across the U.S., but in many other countries as well, and is typically known by the term chemtrails.

It appears that In January of 2002, an article was published in Columbus Alive specifically about chemtrails, though the article seems to have later disappeared:

The government says they don't exist, but Kucinich
wants Congress to take action

by Bob Fitrakis
Columbus Alive, 24 January 2002

The debate surrounding the federal government's alleged weather modification experiments has landed in the U.S. Capitol, thanks to Cleveland Democrat Dennis Kucinich. Representative Kucinich introduced the Space Preservation Act of 2001 on October 2 last year, seeking a "permanent ban on [the] basing of weapons in space."

The bill, HR 2977, specifically outlaws a variety of weapons detailed in the December 6, 2001, Columbus Alive article "Stormy Weather," which exposed allegations of secret government aerial spraying activities. Kucinich's bill explicitly outlaws "chemtrails."

Alive asked Kucinich why he would introduce a bill banning so-called chemtrails when the U.S. government routinely denies such things exist and the U.S. Air Force has routinely called chemtrail sightings "a hoax."

"The truth is there's an entire program in the Department of Defense, 'Vision for 2020,' that's developing these weapons," Kucinich responded. Kucinich says he plans to reintroduce a broader version of the bill later this month. "Plasma, electromagnetics, sonic or ultrasonic weapons [and] laser weapons systems" were among those banned by HR 2977.

"Two scientists working at Wright Patterson Air Force Base informed Alive of the ongoing secret experiments, one involving weather modification and the other involving the creation of an aerial antenna using a barium stearate chemical trail. The scientists referred to the work of legendary inventor Nikola Tesla. Before Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative (or "Star Wars"), there was Tesla's vision of high-tech space-based warfare and weather modification...

Part I and Part II of this report are now complete and are webbed here:

Poison in our Skies - Part I

Part I examines the differences between a normal jet contrail and the artificially dispensed streams of chemicals known as chemtrails; discloses that our skies have been subject to spraying for at least 12 years now; and examines a couple of patents which cover the dispersal of both powders and liquids from aircraft.

Poison in our Skies - Part II

Part II examines what is actually being dispersed from these aircraft by way of samples which have been collected and analyzed by different independent groups; examines a number of articles which appeared in the past about chemtrails which have now disappeared; and begins to look at some of the counterintelligence activity in this area.

Part III is currently being worked on and will be published soon.

In the mean-time, it is vital that large numbers of people be made aware of this covert program so that pressure may be applied at a local, state, national, and ultimately international level to halt this incredibly destructive program.

The fallout from this spraying activity is poisoning our air, soil, and water, as well as plants and animals and therefore all our food, even organically grown and raised food, and ultimately all of us on the planet.

Please help to pass the word and let others know about this, so we can put an end to this as soon as possible.

Thank you,

David Griffin
Upward Vector Publishing

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