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U.S.F.S. Open House On Proposed Timberline Mt. Bike Trails

The Forest Service will be holding an open house this Thursday, March 17 on the proposed Timberline Mountain Bike Trails and Skills Park.
This is your chance to ask questions and provide the Forest Service with your thoughts on the proposal.
Maybe not the best spot for extreme mountain biking?
Maybe not the best spot for extreme mountain biking?
The open house will run from 4-7 and will be held in the Evergreen Conference Room at the Zigzag Ranger Station, 70220 E. Highway 26, Zigzag, OR 97049. Please join us and let the Forest Service know that this fragile alpine area is the wrong place to build a 17 mile downhill bike trail network. This project will have significant impacts on the wildlife that visit this area in the summertime and also harm the headwaters of Still Creek, a salmon bearing stream. If you are interested in carpooling from the Bark office please call me at 503-331-0374.

homepage: homepage: http://www.bark-out.org/topic.php?id=Timberline"