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TwinCitiesIMC Reports On Domestic Parapolice Troublestarters Moving Into WI

This is a heads up from Milwaukee IMC: Governer Scott Walker is creating an army of "robocops" as we speak. I guess the coup de gras is having the protests in Madison turn ugly like pretty much every other mass protest for the past 12 years.

Governor Scott Walker has been amassing a riot crew that's beginning to look more like 2003 Miami's FTAA thugs or 1973 Pineridge's Goons than ethical, legal and moral law enforcement practitioners.

Check out some of this reporting for yourself. I'm sickened just thinking about it!!!

Unmarked Silverado pickups and black Suburbans fully loaded with riot gear; watch out for license plates "EE29**" and "EZ75**"
Madison WI - Early AM March 12 2011 - With a massive protest just hours away at the Wisconsin State Capitol, the State Patrol and park rangers are gathering their forces for the night at the Crowne Plaza on Washington Avenue E near Interstate 94, and their unmarked vehicles are packed with gear including plastic flexicuffs and at least two large rifles in a pickup truck.

At least seven standard State Patrol cruisers are in the Crowne Plaza parking lot, two white park ranger pickup trucks, two marked large State Patrol SUVs, and several unmarked vehicles packed with gear, front-seat laptop mounts, and police vests.

[ref]=[ tc.indymedia.org/2011/mar/tc-indymedia-wi-state-police-amass-weapons-riot-gear-unmarked-vehicles-madison-crowne-plaza]


Sometimes it just feels like, "The only thing we have to fear..."


tc indy 14.Mar.2011 16:57


+ let me help w/ the link

+  link to tc.indymedia.org

+ there is video footage and more info on this tc indy page

+ tiny url link for same article is here:  http://tiny.cc/i0ibl