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Reportback: Home Demo @ American Legend CEO's House


Monday, March 14th
Home of Joseph E Morelli, President and CEO of American Legend
15912 SW Dozier Way Portland, OR

Portland Animal Defense League-  pdx_adl@riseup.net
Talking with Neighbors
Talking with Neighbors
Demo at Morelli House
Demo at Morelli House
Dialogue with Neighbors
Dialogue with Neighbors
Morelli "Entertainer" Mansion Up for Sale
*NW Activists Demonstrate at the Home of Joseph Morelli, CEO of American

Portland, OR -- Around noon on Monday, March 14th , activists from the
Portland Animal Defense League surprised Joseph Morelli, President and
CEO of American Legend, by arriving at his home and educating his
neighbors on his work as the head of the international fur industry.
This action was carried out in conjunction with the ongoing presence at
the Seattle Fur Exchange.

The international fur trade is responsible for the captivation, torture,
and murder of over 50 million animals every year. The hub of the
industry is the auctions of American Legend, otherwise known as the
Seattle Fur Exchange. Running for over 100 years and trading over 2
million animal pelts and $100 million in a matter of days, the Seattle
Fur Exchange makes or breaks the success of the industry.

Activists arrived today to provide information to Morelli's community
on the business he conducts for profit, prestige and power and to hold
him accountable for the lives that destroys every day. It seemed that most of
Morelli's neighbors did not, in fact, know what kind of business he's been involved
in for the last 3 years.

"As the President, Director, and CEO of American Legend, Joseph Morelli
is one of the most powerful individuals in this international death
trade," says Justin Kay of the Portland Animal Defense League. "People
like Joe Morelli are the true culprits, the corporate elite involved one
of the most insidious industries in human history. Having been given so
much power, the public is compelled to demand justice from individuals
like Joseph Morelli."

For more information, please visit:  http://pdxanimaldefenseleague.org

homepage: homepage: http://pdxanimaldefenseleague.org