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Japan signed agreement in January to allow US to profit off of March disasters

After the US threatened to punish Japan for the majority of citizens' resistance to foreign exploitation and oppression, Japan signed january 21, 2011 the Special Measures Agreement to fund the USA military takeover of Japanese industries, facilities, security, etc. in Japan, expanding agreement from 1987 that was going to expire March 31, 2011. Just in time for the earthquake, tsunami, and radiation exposure great for increased profits for private mercenaries, US military contractors, water, oil, natural gas, credit/finance, food, housing, prisons, body bags, immunizations, control over media/communications/transportation/trade, prisons/camps.
Please follow the money, to see which criminals have the motive, means, and opportunity to commit mass murder, environmental destruction, and attacks on human survival/civil liberties, and how this is considered practice for the USA Pacific Northwest/Portland quake and mid-US Madrid quake, then please do all you can to make crime NOT pay :


 link to salonesoterica.wordpress.com
(Don't be distracted or put off by the claims about the videos of unusual colored lights above Japan earthquake epicenter, since these are typical of HAARP weapon super-ionized skies before man-made earthquakes, and are not strange outerspace aliens.)