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March 2003 Protests

Trying to find articles related to how george's "shock & awe" was met in the streets.
I've tried all kinds of search words but have not found articles about how we in metro & across the country reacted to the attack on Iraq in March of '03. That first night we were fierce, we were powerful, we were brave, we were righteously furious. I want to be reminded of that before saturday's anniversary protest.

here 14.Mar.2011 10:01


Thank You 14.Mar.2011 11:18

Den Mark

Those protests were astounding, tho not enuf people took part, but astounding. The corrupt establishment was shocked by our fury. Question is, where did our rage go. Or do we still have it, & will we show it again.

. 14.Mar.2011 14:19


It is still there... but such actions need to be backed up by masses of people and all the so called progressives went home when their fascist (obama) got in the white house. Shows they don't actually care if there are wars of conquest, just that there is a democrat in office.