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Get Motivated! - Right-Wing Tsunami Hits Portland 3/14

A massive "motivational" seminar starring many CONservative elites will take place at the Rose Garden arena on Monday March 14th. Expect thousands of out-of-town right-wingers, EPIC traffic jams around Rose Quarter, high-pressure sales, presidential stumping, bible thumping, & a possible live on-scene broadcast from Taft & Larson.
Many of you may already be aware of GET MOTIVATED!, a right-wing "motivational" seminar that's been going on for Hell knows how long now. Lying fraud/IXXI co-conspirator Rudy Giuliani has been promoting this event in radio, tv, billboard, & paper ads, including the up-coming Portland event. Besides Giuliani himself, this giant scam also features many big-shot politicians, sports stars, business gurus, & various celebrities, all right-wingers, all giving their own motivational speeches. Sarah Palin & George W. Bush have been guest speakers at past seminars. Scheduled to be in attendance for the Portland seminar are Giuliani, Terry Bradshaw, Colin Powell, Steve "flat-tax" Forbs, & Bill Cosby, among others. local ads plugging the seminar fraudulently advertise the price of admittance as being $1.95 to get in or $9.95 to bring a whole office. What is NOT mentioned is that if an individual shows up at the front gate day of, admittance will cost about $300.
True to conservative form, there is not an once of sincerity to be found at such events. They're nothing more than massive scams that push phony, high-pressure, motivational sales training, & pyramid schemes. But because the "Get Motivated!" seminars are exclusively right-wing events "legitimized" by prominent politicians & business tycoons, you can bet the DOJ has looked the other way. Far too busy they are, trying to bust all those "Muslim terrorists" that don't really exist. What I'm talking about is a giant ponzi scheme built upon a house of toilet paper, constructed by the same financial "experts" that master-minded the economic crash/Great Theft in 2007/08. These "Get Motivated" seminars are pretty-much the equivalent of the Mafia or drug-kingpins holding "seminars" across the country telling people how to be "successful" at getting rich too. And yet, people just sort of tolerate this shit like it's nothing. Why?
But cannibalistic capitalism isn't the only thing these seminars are all about. The "Get Motivated" series also has a very deliberate christian theme, each seminar offering a "special 10-minute optional bonus session on the biblical secrets of success." So, any business that would take its employees to this circus are clearly & purposefully favoring a particular religion, despite however their employees might feel. But that part about this being a religious-sponsored event, can only be found in the teeny tiny fine print as well. Basically, we're talking about a largely CHRISTIAN event spear-headed by right-wingers - including afew war criminals - overtaking much of central Portland & causing a potentially crippling traffic jam that's bound to make more than afew people late to work & school Monday.
Btw, even when managing to buy cheap tickets, once inside the venue attendees are solicited by seminar promoters & encouraged to "up-grade" their seats. Apparently, anyone who opts for that "office discount" only ends up with the shittiest seats. Basically, you're hit up for money as soon as you get inside the door. Also, you're encouraged to hand over your mailing address & join a mailing list. That way, the whores can hit you up for even more money at home & via email, long after the seminar. One would be much better off should they simply take a walk down 82nd Ave. - it would be a lot cheaper & they'd actually get something of value for their money.
All this probably wouldn't mean squat to most folks, except for the actual implications these events have on people, whether they attend or not. "Get Motivated" events are notorious for causing massive traffic jams & wrecking havoc on commute. Just think of the horrendous & un-necessary mess left in the wake of Rosefest every year. Almost certainly, most of the people who'll attend this event won't even be Portland residents. Many will be out-of-towners bussed in from the more dreadful parts of OR/WA. Many thousands more are expected to drive/commute in from Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Gresham, Forest Grove, Woodburn, Tualitan, Oregon City, Tigard, Sellwood, & Vancouver,WA. So, if you have to be somewhere on Monday morning at, say, 7:00am, & you ride the MAX, expect to have your face in the armpit of some babbling, puggy, middle-aged right-winger with smelly cologne & an awful-looking suit... for an hour. Also, the promoters typically over-book these events, leaving many ticket buyers stranded. Shuttle buses have been known to park miles away from the venue. Forget about handicapped accessibility. Many of you would be aware just from calling Trimet's transit-tracker that bus/MAX service will be severely disrupted Monday. So, if you have to be at work Monday morning & your commute typically has you going through Rose Quarter or I-5, prepare to be late for work & just hope that your boss won't hold it against you.
I don't have much more to say on this, except to inquire whether there might be any direct action taking place. But don't be surprised if there's a Gestapo-esque security matrix in effect to keep all un-sanctioned media & persons at bay. Anyone wishing to learn more about this event, simply google "get motivated seminar scam".