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imperialism & war

Major General Smedley Butler, USMC

So often the quote attributed to Butler (War is a Racket) is repeated over and over. There was no you-tube then, so unless one attended his lectures, it had to be published in print and read. I've rarely seen the complete text. Have you, without looking for it? Here it is.
Things have changed since Butler served, many of the items mentioned in his lectures were outdated before he uttered the words. But wasn't that the point? Are we any different, more efficient, or, as voters, any more informed of the ongoing racket?

We seem to put up with these 'rackets' and aren't any less oblivious to their workings than we have ever been, even with this so-called 'internet revolution' that is supposed to be some kind of avenue for enlightenment and education. Along with the list of profiteers of Butler can now be added some fresh faces, though the most offensive to me personally are the 'security' firms which seem to secure little but money for the mercenaries and their bosses.

Well, Smedley, I found the read refreshing, if outdated in some substance, and the ideas themselves still a giant moving in the shadow of the eclipsed mass of humanity that might just wish to live in peace.