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Paul Stanford founder of The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation Arrested

Portland Cannabis Activist and founder of The Hemp And Cannabis Foundation arrested on tax charges.
Paul Stanford was arrested and allegedly did not file personal state tax returns for 2008 and 2009. This arrest comes days after Stanford announced the plans for his petition to legalize cannabis for adults in Oregon. The petition known as the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (OCTA) did not make the ballot in 2010 but Stanford is getting an early start for the 2012 election which is also a Presidential election year which means increased voter turnout. Days after Stanford announced his plans for OCTA 2012 the Oregon Government decides to arrest Stanford. This tactic has been in use in politics for many years. It is clearly a situation where some in our state government do not want OCTA to make it to the ballot so they chose to arrest him on these charges to harass him and make him spend all his resouces on his personal defense thereby distracting him from OCTA. His arraignment date is currently scheduled for March 21st . Paul is a very kind family man who believes we should have TRUE freedom In our country. Adults who choose to use the flowers of a beautiful plant to ease the pains and struggles of Life should be able to do so in the privacy of their own homes without fear of the government arresting them. We are not truly free because the government does not allow us to make choices. Cannabis is much less dangerous than alcohol and prescription drugs. It is not lethal and it does not harm society. Free Paul Stanford! Support The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act for 2012 the government does far too much harm than good with their wasteful "war on drugs". They are wasting our precious tax dollars to lock up people for a beautiful and relatively harmless Plant.