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Very Important meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, March 9, in Astoria

The Clatsop County Commissioners meet with Oregon LNG, the shell company owned by the slick Leukadia Holding Company, out of NYC, about the fate of the lower Columbia River on March 9, in Astoria
Well, the revolution feels like it's starting about now. My 85-year-old neighbor finally got riled up enough that she's actually attending the Clatsop County Commissioner's meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, March 9--the first time she's ever been to a municipal meeting in her life.

At this meeting,the shell company Oregon LNG, owned by Leukadia Holding company(look this one up, very slick, very old holding company, specializes in burnt-out industrial sites in the US midwest and east), will argue that they have the legal right to push 41 miles of 36-inch pipeline through the wetlands, under the rivers, through the forests, and into the farms and vineyards of Oregon. Oregon LNG could be at a real disadvantage tomorrow, since three new commissioners, who ran against the LNG schemes here and won by huge margins, are all seated now. Oregon LNG is going to try to get the powers-that-be to declare the new commissioners too "biased" against the LNG schemes to be allowed to make decisions about it. So this ought to be better than your average public meeting(totally worth it).

So, if you're around Astoria tomorrow, Wednesday, March 9, after 2:30 PM, and you want to have some fun and see some great theater, come to the Judge Boyington County Building, 837 Commercial, and join us. Street protest will begin at 2:30, meeting supposedly at 3:30, though there is an "executive session" scheduled prior to the meeting, and that might change everything. But it's gonna be interesting,anyway.

what an asinine arguement 09.Mar.2011 07:22


Political association should assume bias. Isn't Oregon LNG biased? Objectivity is hardly the point. People elected these individuals for their biased opinion; they are not paid for their bias like those who work for Oregon LNG or have other connected interests as the 'powers that be'. Oregon LNG is one opinion among many and they are obviously not objective. To claim that others aren't objective is ludicrous.

The Supremes, fortunately, haven't directly given business the right to vote. Maybe they should, though. The best Oregon LNG would get is one vote, and their allotted five minutes to speack at council meetings.