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Solidarity with Earth Defenders, Eugene 3/5

A benefit at WOW Hall for the Civil Liberties Defense Center's eco-prisoner support program

Solidarity with Earth Defenders
March 5 at 7 pm at WOW Hall (291 W. 8th Ave., Eugene)
Featuring Etheric Double Soundsystem, holy!holy!holy!, and the Alder St. All Stars, with guest speaker Tre Arrow and radical poet Slugthang
$10 in advance, $15 at the door

Etheric Double Soundsystem is an experimental live pa experience, fusing a variety of music styles into a cohesive mix of sounds, commonly referred to as groove sorcery. Meant to awaken and inspire the listener to reconnect with their animalistic roots, the music of Etheric Double Soundsystem, though unorganic in nature, calls on us to abandon the confines of our industrial cages and embrace the primal archetypes within.

*holy!holy!holy!* was forged in the primal war ofdomestication. We defy these ways. We despise these streets, theseschools, these occupations called work. We are wildness, and willdismantle the civilized destructive forces that have controlled ourworld. There are many worlds, with many languages. They will tell
their children, that despite how hard they looked, they never saw uscoming...
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