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Foreclosed homeowner reclaims home seized by Wells Fargo and remains in possession

On February 24th, Berkeley, California resident Tanya Dennis broke back into her home, seized by Wells Fargo, and remained in possession. Dennis says that she has a forensic loan audit establishing that Wells Fargo is not the holder of her note, and that she lost an unlawful detainer action on process rather than pleading. She also said that Wells Fargo was able to win an unlawful detainer action against her because she is a Pro se litigant, i.e., she is acting as her own lawyer, and Wells Fargo has better attorneys,

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Tanya Dennis' partner Ulysses "Jim" Montgomery (standing at the doorway) defended her home against Wells Fargo.
Tanya Dennis published "Why America's in Foreclosure," in the Oakland Post Online, on January 28, 2011, http://content.postnewsgroup.com/?p=11384.

housing is a human right 25.Feb.2011 08:54

theresa mitchell

We will see more such actions against the banksters as foreclosures rise.

Derivatives banking and the corrupt MERS mortgage reassignment system have created a situation in which the chain of title to mortgages is often broken, and the original note can not be produced. This means that there is a legal defense against foreclosure actions which is available to many if not most mortgage holders.

I recommend getting together with other foreclosure victims, and creating a pool for legal representation. Foreclosure attorneys know many dirty tricks, and an alert attorney for the defendant can make quite a difference.

Housing is not a human right 25.Feb.2011 12:48


The opportunity to create your own housing/shelter is a human right. To demand that society or the community provide you, or anyone, with housing is just the theft of someone elses labor.

Let's all hope that if Wells Fargo tried to rob anyone of their labor they will recieve justice.

When we demand it 25.Feb.2011 14:37


When we demand it, housing will be a human right. It is in many coutnries around the world. How can you have "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" without decent housing?

The key here is 'demand'. Not 'ask.

Demand whatever you wish... 25.Feb.2011 17:22


but who will be there to provide for you what you want? Your neighbor? Your community? Your government?

Your best bet, is to learn how to provide for yourself.

in response to the pipe dreamer 25.Feb.2011 19:57


People are increasingly aware that the "rugged individual" meme is a ruse for corporate power. In reality we are born helpless, we accept succor and education from our families and society, we tend to have an economically productive period in our middle decades, and then we depend again on society and family to support us in advanced age. This is true no matter how many times we think of ourselves as independent and strong. United, we stand. Divided, we fall to corporate predation.

No baby is born with the ability to work, and no one is guaranteed health and strength in old age. Yet we honor children and the aged as cherished members of the whole.

In a sane village, there is joy and satisfaction in contributing to the general welfare. Individuals yearn for acceptance and honor, and we may find it in honest work and even self-sacrifice. In a sane village, all are cared for, all valued, and the hard and brilliant workers are particularly celebrated.

In an insane village, no one is guaranteed a home, nor food, nor care, and all must work for the despots. Such bullies always demand unquestioned obedience. Father knows least; hence, all must chant that father knows best, lest the wrath of the despot fall on them.

Which village would you rather live in?

Two thirds of US corporations pay no taxes. Between five and thirteen trillion dollars have already been identified as being held in illegal offshore accounts. Meanwhile the bloated Pentagon holds the world hostage, and the banksters swim in more illicit trillions, supplied by generations of taxpayers to come. And we don't have the will to guarantee housing, or health care, or environmental repair, here at home?

Revolution...by any means necessary.