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Iraqi "day of rage" protests

As America Fails In Iraq, the Iraqi People Hit the Streets.
Anti government protests in Iraq. At least two dead in Iraqi "day of rage" protests

Social Media Twitter Facebook Two Edged Sword For Authoritarians 25.Feb.2011 09:03

Liam Kellen, from the Wired World tThat's Watching

Fascist dictatorships and corporate money that is behind them, a.k.a. Naomi Klein's "disaster capitalism" are finding that they can no longer control major media outlets, control pundits and bribe a few opposition leader, and thus control the revolution of the oppressed.

There is a new game in town which facilitates people to people communication. And so called omnipotent dictatorships are falling, taking with them the lives of thousands of the bravest and most politically educated heroes for the people... but falling nonetheless.

Now its not only Gaddafi, proped up for decades by American military contractor and oil interests, thats falling. But the puppet regime in Iraq is poised to explode as well

In the process the foot dragging antics of a thorough bastard like Barry Obama are being exposed.

Pulitzer prize winner (for covering My Lai massacre) Seymour Hersch of the New Yorker has said that he didn't know if Obama was scared shitless of the U.S. military (he said that his high up military contacts report off the record that he is called "the scared little blackboy" in meetings at the Pentagon), or if he was really in support of the policies the U.S. military wants. But in any even Obama is being exposed as a supporter of real democracy only when the people of the world his sick "prudent and diplomatic" throat.