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Interested in an Anarchist Assembly?

are other anarchists interested in an assembly?
Has there been an anarchist assembly in Portland in a while? - ever?

For those might not be familiar an assembly is not a place for making decisions, nor to organize into decision-making body. The purpose is to communicate, it's free speech exercised without a goal. In European versions of this, the different anarchist crews present their interests to the wider group and explain some basics of it. For example Indymedia, or the Red and Black, or Radix Media, Holy Holy Holy, bands or people who throw events, Food not Bombs, the infoshops, the Variant, the queer trans groups, the bookstores, publishers, anti-fascists, etc. Is there a medic collective? Maybe you brew beer, maybe you grow food, maybe you teach kung fu. It's all relevant. Once you know about them then you can pursue common interests or refer other people to them. Or maybe you'll have more people to invite to your next house party, that's relevant too.

When people in a community know what everyone else is doing and capable of doing, they create a mental map of the community's needs/abilities. When you know what you need and what you're capable of doing, solutions to problems can suddenly appear. You know that John down the street can weld. You know that Sarah can fix engines. Tom has access to printing presses. etc. This would build solidarity and increase strength of local struggles.

Comment with your thoughts or ideas please.

great idea 24.Feb.2011 10:48

b. fearless

time for us all to step it up a notch...food prices are spiraling upwards, and it's only a matter of time (and not much of it) before we see widespread hunger - even among the people adequately employed. just like what's happened in tunisia, egypt, etc.

let's not be blind-sided by events: let's be pro-active!

sometime in march?

yes 24.Feb.2011 13:38

let's do this

I would love to help make this happen. With one convening pep talk about security culture and safer spaces, a go-round about preferred gender pronouns, to get acquainted. I say let's go.

Of course there are arguments and semantics and shit-talk (most likely in this very forum), about "Why call it 'anarchist?'", or "You'll all be under surveillance". But yes, an explicitly anarchist assembly with skill shares sounds so attractive. There's already so much above-ground organizing in this town, I think we have a great chance to do more.

great idea 26.Feb.2011 22:39

or not?

hey b. fearless ya crack me up!
"food prices are spiriling up.......widespread hunger...let's be pro-active" March could work for an assembly but it's the time to START YOUR GARDEN so why not be pro-active and have a garden assembly instead - after all, just a matter of time before widespread hunger.

Make your "action" count