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New Nonprofit High School Takes Aim at Education Problems

It's time to leave the old, broken, failing public education system behind and begin anew with something that really works. No more bureaucratic bloat, no more wasteful spending, no more needless authoritarianism, and most of all, no more frustrated, disillusioned students. A new school project in Oregon is working to do all of that, and they need your support.
Gaston, Ore., Feb. 22, 2011 - Public education in Oregon and nationwide is in crisis, facing huge budget shortfalls and program cuts along with decreasing student achievement and rising dropout rates. The Zoetic Élan School, a nonprofit education concept, is tackling these issues head-on by opening a new private high school in the Portland, Ore., area where they'll do school in a completely new and different way.

Rather than imitating the public schools' "more of the same" approach, making painful adjustments to an increasingly broken system, The Zoetic Élan School has gone back to the drawing board and redesigned secondary education from the ground up. Using innovative and well-researched methods, the project improves on nearly every aspect of the school experience.

The school will offer a curriculum based on self-direction, meaning students will design and implement their own educations reflecting each pupil's individual interests. This will keep kids engaged and excited with their schoolwork, increasing retention and achievement rates.

Using techniques such as "Round Table" discussions (an open-forum approach to discussing ideas, sharpening critical thinking skills, and asking well-formed questions) and a student-teacher contract system, the new school will improve achievement and morale across the board while working to instill in its students a sense of respect, accountability, responsibility, diplomacy, and fun.

According to preliminary budget estimates, the school will maintain high quality academic standards, achieve all of its goals, and pay good living wages to its staff on a per-student budget of less than 60% of what the State of Oregon spends. By spending carefully, reducing overhead, and avoiding bloated vendor contracts, the school will ensure that students are offered the broadest possible range of opportunities while keeping overall costs low.

The school will hold ongoing public forums and fundraising events in order to connect with the community, hear comments and answer questions, select a physical location for the school, gain support, and move toward a grand opening. You can learn more about the school on its website: www.zoeticelan.com.

This school concept is not strictly limited to the Portland region. To find out how to bring The Zoetic Élan School to your area and make a difference in education where you are, you may contact the School directly via its website.

homepage: homepage: http://www.zoeticelan.com
address: address: PO Box 163, Gaston, OR 97119 USA