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Video: joe anybody protesting at Peace Of The Action in Washington DC 2010

Went To DC last year in 2010 this is some out take video clips
POTA Clips & Outtakes from Joe Anybody in Washington DC

I went to DC in March 2010 This is some video footage that ended up being "out takes" Here are some of those clips, compiled in one 20 minute video. This was filmed as I was at The Peace Of The Action anti-war-peace camp ...which is where this video starts out. (side note) Cindy Sheehan and fellow POTA acrivist were arrested earlier that wekend

20 min video from DC in March 2010

More information from my trip Here:

More of my videos from POTA Here:

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

M20 2010 Wash DC - Joe Anybody asks police to join protest 26.Feb.2011 19:58

joe anybody


I just uploaded this footage from last year

I ask the DC cops to join the anti war protest

This was filmed on M20 in 2010 Washington DC