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billionaire's koch brother$ & bill & melinda gates are typical of u.s. elite using tremendous wealth 2 have it their way !!!
while american poor freeze this winter without heat or electric, bill & melinda gates foundation are raising monies 4 their future business partners in india with tax free american $$ that should be only used in the u.s. 4 our poor folk ...

certain billionaire elite americans break usa election finance laws & other u.s. billionaire's break tax free foundational laws !!

maybe it is just human nature for our wealthy elite american billionaires to break & bend our u.s. election & foundation laws because they always have the ability to hire the best legal minds in the country to bail them out or use their political connections to make everything unjust look like it never even happened...

certain u.s.elite billionaires manipulate & break our countries election finance laws by taking u.s. taxpayers stolen tarp bailout monie$ and putting them directly into secret 501c4 slu$h accounts used for swift boat style tv attack ads to other wealthy elite u.s. billionaires using their non profit

tax free 501c3 foundational entitlement slu$h funds monies to indirectly bribe foreign business people & government officials while making their foundational slu$h appear to be only real charity $$$...

the bill & melinda gates tax free slu$h foundation is slu$hing india's busine$$ world...

american tax free charity $$ are now being used out in the open and a very real part of the new world order in busine$$.. little broke americans...

bill and melinda gates tax free foundational slu$h funds are greasing the wheel$ 4 usa busine$$ in india !!!

president obama spoke to future india and u.s. business ties and the next thing you know the gates foundation is giving india $100 million american tax free ...

and the next lucky bill and melinda gates foundation~uncle sam big $$ winner is..not our american poor... asian curry breath !!!

by lawyers for poor americans

it only makes good common sense for an american tax free foundation to take care of their own populations needy first prior the world's .... we all are witness to this happening with this multi~ billion $$ gates foundation and have to wonder how many other less visible american foundations are also hustling tax free u.s. $$ away from america's most neediest ??

we admit we do not know all the answers on this bill and melinda gates tax free slu$h fund foundation, but it is starting to walk and quack like a secret quasi~u.s. government howard hughes type of international organization.

something must be very different here because weeks after president obama's visit to india speaking about both our countries mutual future business ties,the gates foundation rolls into home town india and is plowing $100 million to help their countries health concerns with eradicating polio .

india has already spent billions on nuclear weapons development and obviously could have thought about their vast populations polio needs instead of gaining the benefit of using our poor americans tax free $$ ...

we have serious issues with these u.s. tax free slu$h foundations taking our american tax~free $$ out of america for the rest of the international world to benefit by,prior our own american poor dire needs being met properly !

lawyers for poor americans has no problem with bill gates and warren buffett giving their tens of billions of taxed income to the international poor,but we feel tax free foundational funding $$ from all u.s. foundations should be used only for our middle~class and poorer americans obvious needs here at home town usa.

there is no reason in the world that our governments generous world~wide charity
efforts need to be replicated by our american tax free slu$h fund foundations.

**our american government leads the world in international charity $$ !!!

we all were recently told this great wealthy country of ours plans a future $2.5 billion cut back on the current government funding for our poorer u.s. citizens who are receiving supplemental government monie$ to help assist them in keeping their domiciles warm this winter with their heat and electric expense$ ??

we have poor american families going to be out in the cold this winter and the bill and melinda gates foundation is concerned with the polio issues in nuclear tipped india ??

no,there is much much more then meets the eye with this bill & melinda gates foundation not coming to the rescue of our own countries poor this winter !!!

lawyers for poor americans is a independent www volunteer lobby that sings out for our american middle~class and our poorer americans living in our wealthy elite's country.

* we can be found with any web search engine by our name,telephone number or e mail address.

** google,yahoo,aol,msn,bing..etc..all carry our previous written commentary with various different listings.

*** we enjoy bringing all our fellow little americans the good life over the international communities world of the wide web.


we are sending our www request for financial funding for all our american poor this winter to the following..

the royal family,prince charles,the pope,
nelson mandela,desmond tutu,iran,
leaders of iran,cuba,venezuela,
president hugo chavez,london,italy,rome,
vatican,catholic church,hawaii,
honolulu,oahu,waikiki beach,oslo,
united nations,world bank,
federal reserve,california,maine,
president jimmy carter,san jose,
los angeles,san diego,
u.s.senator diane feinstein,malibu,
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