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Flood the shystem: Censorship on the Internet- HowTo

The gubbermint is flooding the internets with garbage
to disuade people from using it to search for truth
i dont know how, but i'm sure it's illegal
It used to be in 1995 the internet was a magical place. the only people that really had webpages were kooks and freaks.
Oh what a time to be alive! hotbot or altavista search ufos and get the ubductees' real sites!

cool, and wierd.

now you get 5,000,000 results, half of them are for viagra
the other 90% are tea baggers
and 1% are real pages. but they are buried like hell!!

The Gubbermint isn't censoring webpages by taking them down, save wikileaks.
They merely flood the system with crap. garbage and bs
so the real stuff is so buried if you ever find it, it is discredited by the millions of other pages against it.
Because they are sucking our Social Security and Medicaid dollars to pay for domestic warfare programs. and black ops.
like fbi wiretaps of peace activists.

Oh well, they ran out of tax money for potholes because they were too busy rendering.. I mean renditioning human citizens for their sasuage camps.

Let's cut funding for death, and use it for the peoples general welfare. Like the intent the constitution these fuckers swore to uphold stands for.

slimy motherf's

i heard they assasinated the boer guy eugene... didn't make it on the news.
nazi murdered by servants.
Are we winning and don't even know it to news blackouts?!?!? chex