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Where The Hell Are We Going?

We are in for a rough ride
Watch Egypt to know where we are heading.

I watched with wonder what was going on in Egypt for almost two weeks, wondering what would the army do and how would the protesters react if all hell broke out. I was amazed that the army did not try to crush the revolt by the citizens of this noble and great country called Egypt. I believe we are all going to face what the people of Cairo, Alexandria, and Luxor faced when millions protested in cities throughout the land of the Pharaohs. The price of food has skyrocketed in the last year or so and now many people who were on the brink of starvation fell to even more desperate levels. This was a major reason that the students called for demonstrations and ended with Mubarak being removed as dictator of Egypt. The protests have moved to other countries because many people realize they have little to lose, starve now or take a chance to bring some relief to the masses who are crying for help.

There is a direct connection between the "Wall Street Crooks" speculating with the world food supply, and the revolts that are taking place around the Middle East. They drained the housing market and the governments of several countries and moved on to commodities. The same people who were not held accountable for their actions are at it again; why not!

There are other reasons for the rapid rise of wheat, and other staples of the Middle East, but the one major reason that is not being talked about is our own corrupt speculators who are taking advantage of controlling the distribution of the world supply of food. Will what happen in Egypt happen in the United States; Yes!
The only reason we are not experience what is happening in the Middle East is because we start with a much higher level of income. We have not yet, but will feel the full effects of food shortages and high prices. There is a perfect storm coming and no one seems overly concerned. All the protests in the last almost ten years against these wars and occupations will soon be moot because the economics and food prices will make it almost impossible for any government in DC to continue; we are going broke. The demands to cut our spending is only the beginning, the next step will be a push from China, Saudi Arabia, and others to get paid the money they are owed by America. The interest on these loans is growing at an alarming rate and will be a big factor in our economic recovery. The cost of keeping our empire going has now crossed over the line of rationality, we must return to some kind of sanity. We must start by cutting our defense budget in half. That would leave us with over 400+ foreign bases, about 1 million people still in the Armed Forces, and a Navy, Air Force, second to none.

We will become another England, Italy, Germany, USSR, and other empires who refused to see the writing on the wall and just imploded unless we start now. I think we will go the way of all arrogant empires. The republicans are more interested in destroying this president than saving the country from hitting bottom so hard that it will fracture our very political system. The democrats will continue to whine but do nothing to interfere with the self destruction of the republican party, even if it means taking down our country with the crash of the fools. So not to worry--soon, very soon we will start to see the downfall of capitalism as we know it. What will replace it, don't have a clue. Watch what happens to Egypt and that will give you some indicator of what will happen here in the next few generations.

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