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Our own Tahri Square

After seeing the power of non-violent resistance in Egypt..
From: 02/17/2011 KPRK Radio, Daily Briefing with Ian Masters
Interview with: Mathew Rothchild and John Nickols of Nation Magazine

Protesters referring to Governor Scott Walker as: Governor Hosni Walker

Signs: Welcome to Cairo
This in our Tahir Square
Hosni Walker
Egypt, we watched you, now watch us.
Pictures of Mubarak

Most popular pin: Walker, the Mubarak of the Midwest

Working class snowplow drivers and government clerks went online and found ways to translate their signs into Arabic, and showed up with Arabic language signs.

Protesting bill to destroy Unions.

Firefighters came out in uniform: When in an emergency we show up. We support Unions. Above all: we are not going to let them divide us up, demand that we can do collective bargaining, treat us in a humane and responsible way. [Firefighters Union was not threatened]

Largest protests since Seattle. Protesters came from all over the state: snowplow drivers, hospital workers, drivers, small business workers. Most impressive protests since Seattle.

1st day 2,000 people
2nd day 10,000 people
3rd day 30,000 people
4th day 40,000 people

5,000 people inside the capitol building. People occupied state capitol building, thousands and thousands staying the night inside and outside of the building.

Scott Walker threatened to call in National Guard, where largest membership of National Guard are public workers. Going to call these people out to attack themselves?

Link to full radio program:  http://archive.kpfk.org/parchive/m3u.php?mp3fil=32359