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No Obama protest?

Where is the info on protests?
Just heard the radio where they said there was only 20 protesters and they interviewed them about rail? about borders and spending?

What the fuck! What about the wars? what about the TSA? What about the spying? What about anything?

sad 18.Feb.2011 11:00


The american left only cares about war when republicans are in charge.

Remember all the outrage about Guantanamo Bay? Yeah, it's still open. Wars overseas? Still raging.

When Obama sent an extra 30k soldiers to Afghanistan, nobody on the left even blinked. When Bush's "surge" went on, or there was a troop increase, people were up in arms. Code pink was in the streets, people carrying banners around downtown and shit.

In short, people are hypocrites

. 18.Feb.2011 11:42


It is true. The liberals are hypocrites. They are not opposed to war, only opposed to republicans.

You have to be pretty fucking stupid 18.Feb.2011 12:29

to think everything

is in terms of right wing/left wing... when will you grow up & why are you even here Clyde?
I've never seen you contribute a drop of information to this site, just inject your opinions on anything you want to label as "leftist". There's a word for people like you... Troll.

To a person! 18.Feb.2011 14:34

Lloyd Hart dadapo@dadapop.com

I spent 14 years working inside the democratic party and I can tell you that they are cowards. They are are afraid of the generals and won't do anything to piss them off. The assassinations of the 1960s and the bloody ruthlessness of the military industrial complex has turned the progressive left in America into pissing in their pants apologists for savagery done in our name. It didn't help that Leslie Cagen and the Friends services committee sold their soul to the democratic party (betraying the millions that came out against the war) with absolutely no peace dividend.

It is time for new groups to emerge that must reject both parties but maintain a pro democracy, pro worker, pro feminist, eco sanity agenda.

Democrat elites are NOT cowards 19.Feb.2011 14:37

Wrench Monkey

They are fully cognizant, fully complicit war criminals and corporate lackies.

I'm sick of this coward/spineless meme. Progressive Democrat is an oxymoron. If you support the DP, you do not deserve the respect of progressives.

"Hope is not trusting in the ultimate goodness of Barack Obama, who, like Herod of old, sold out his people. It is not having a positive attitude or pretending that happy thoughts and false optimism will make the world better. Hope is not about chanting packaged campaign slogans or trusting in the better nature of the Democratic Party." (Chris Hedges,  http://www.truth-out.org/real-hope-is-about-doing-something65501)

"And the disparity between the rhetoric of liberal values and the rapacious system of inverted totalitarianism the liberal class serves makes liberal elites, including Barack Obama, a legitimate source of public ridicule. The liberal class, whether in universities, the press or the Democratic Party, insists on clinging to its privileges and comforts even if this forces it to serve as an apologist for the expanding cruelty and exploitation carried out by the corporate state." ( Chris Hedges,  http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/the_world_liberal_opportunists_made_20101025/)

"'The Democrats and the Republicans give the illusion that there are differences between them,' said Dr. Flowers. 'This keeps the public divided. It weakens opposition. We fight over whether a Democrat will get elected or a Republican will get elected. We vote for the lesser evil, but meanwhile the policies the two parties enact are not significantly different. There were no Democrats willing to hold the line on single-payer. Not one.' ( Chris Hedges,  http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/power_and_the_tiny_acts_of_rebellion_20101122/)