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District Attorney handling alleged sexual battery by Ellaville police officer

ELLAVILLE, Ga. -- Ellaville Police Corporal Joseph Sosnovik said "It was just like Mayberry. Everybody knew everybody and everybody got along with everybody. I never thought something like this would come out of this incident."
Sosnovik said a fellow officer inappropriately touched a woman who was riding in a police car.

Sosnovik claims when the complaint was mention to Police Major Charles Pines, Pines acting as police chief, did nothing about it.

Pines is heard in a recorded phone conversation shared with us by Sosnovik, trying to quash the complaint.

"Like I told Joe, this stuff need to be over with, you know." Pines said.

At the request of the Ellaville City Manager, Schley County Sheriff Shane Tondee called in the G.B.I.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirmed for us they handed over their completed investigation to the district attorney.

Major Pines put Sosnovik on paid leave during the investigation. Wednesday Sosnovik received a letter terminating him. A termination Sosnovik was warned about, "He told me, that if I pursued questions or pursued anything or any other type of incident on this or documentation, that I'd lose my job. He continued to say that I would lose my job if I continued to ask questions."

Sosnovik said. "It's been heartbreaking to find out that I've been a cop for 12 years and to have something like this happen to me has really been heartbreaking."

According to Major Pines, the officer accused of sexual battery will remain on leave until the case is closed.

District Attorney Plez Hardin said he hasn't gotten an opportunity to look at the G.B.I. report yet. He said he will decide how he'll proceed soon.

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