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Call to act in support of Wisconsin Workers and Students

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Bail Out the People Movement.
Emergency call for national actions tomorrow, Friday, February 18 in support of Wisconsin workers and students.

From Bail Out the People there has been a call for nationally coordinated actions in support of Wisconsin workers and students who have been occupying the state Capitol for the past four days. Speaking to activists involved in the occupation, they are enormously excited about the idea of coordinated national actions of support.

In NYC an emergency demonstration is being called tomorrow at 4:30 PM Wall Street Stock Exchange. We want to encourage all other areas and cities to do the same at any compelling site. Actions, many local actions, even of a handful of people, will help to spread the word on what is happening and it will help to give other workers and students ideas on how to response to similar attacks that are coming down in every city in the U.S. today.

Bail Out the People Movement is also sending out a national email petition that will go to Wisconsin Governor Walker, and to every members of the Wisconsin State Legislature and to many in the national media.

Below is a possible call that could be adopted locally by anyone.


Thousands of Wisconsin public workers, students and teachers have been occupying the state Capitol for four days. In Capitol Square 50,000 workers have protested Gov. Scott Walker's attempt to enact legislation ("Budget Repair Bill") that would wipe out the right of public workers to have a union, and would make collective bargaining illegal.

Across Wisconsin schools and universities have been shut down by teachers, students and communities defending their right to education.

Wisconsin workers and students are standing up for the rights of workers everywhere. They have done this despite threats by the Governor to call in the National Guard.

Shouting "Power to the People" as of Thursday, Feb. 17 the alliance of workers and students were carrying out a 'People's Filibuster' in the capitol occupying every inch of the building.

The Capitol is the property of the people of Wisconsin and is suppose to function for the good and welfare of the people. When it is used to wage war against their lives, the people have the legal and moral right to take it back into their own hands. The National Guard is supposed to help with floods and disasters, not to move against their sisters and brothers.

We must stand with them to demand:



Is anyone interested in holding a Solidarity Rally here in Portland? 17.Feb.2011 19:50


Any thoughts on a place & time?

http://madison.indymedia.org/ 17.Feb.2011 20:16

Are they viable?

Or just servers down??

re: http://madison.indymedia.org 17.Feb.2011 21:12

hope to help

I can't remember if this is one of the IMC's that ceased to exist. I haven't checked it out for a few months. It *might* not be there anymore.

At least here's the Madison, WI Infoshop website, which was hosted by the IMC:

Another Wisconsin IMC 17.Feb.2011 21:58


Thanks folks for the links 17.Feb.2011 23:47

Are they viable?

Thanks, and any more relevant noncommercial links would probably be welcome here.

It's not rocket science 18.Feb.2011 13:10


They are protesting to keep what they have at the expense of those that are losing what they have. That's selfish.

Times are hard for everyone, it's about time public employee unions recognize that fact and give a little back.

They have 18.Feb.2011 14:59


Before Walker's bill, the unions had conceded $100 million towards the state budget. If that's not giving back, I don't know what is.

pipesmoker? 18.Feb.2011 17:09


Pipedream- please tell me why public employees should give it up for Goldman Sachs and the others who've bankrupted the country?

I could see a post like that on New Republic but here? Must be smoking that pipe rather than dreaming!

All links work 18.Feb.2011 21:00


All links work except for the Madison Independent Media Center for unknown reasons. For breaking news go to  http://prwatch.org. This site is based in Madison, Wisconsin. It is doing good coverage. It is the site for Sheldon Rampton who wrote the book "Toxic Sludge is Good for you, Lies, Damned Lies and the Public Relations industry.

Goldman Sachs? 19.Feb.2011 10:27


How does Goldman Sachs figure in to this?

Maybe someone could explain to me the subtleties of the indymedia culture. It seems to be OK to bash the cops and their unions but not OK to bash educators and their unions. They're both public employees.

re: pipedream 20.Feb.2011 09:04


Goldman Sachs was/is given many many billions in corporate welfare. The financial sector has become a parasite feeding off of society.

No offense meant, but you need to do some reading. Try looking up class war. The super rich are very clear about it and have managed to get a significant percentage of the population to argue for its own slavery by turning people against each other. You do not lose when public employees retain or gain power over their lives. All working people gain. It is not public employees against private employees. That is a clever divide and conquer technique.

Also, criticism of the police is due to their actions on the streets, not how much they get paid or their rights as employees.