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Trans and Womyn's Action Camp 2011: Coming this Summer!

The Cascadia Trans and Womyn's Action Camp is a great, safe place for people of marginalized gender identities to commune with nature and each other as we talk about how to defend our Earth from the ravages of corporate-driven environmental destruction. Great food, great workshops, great places, great people! Come join us!
For the past 2 years Cascadia has gotten a taste of what resistance trans and womyn's style looks like--a supportive environment with badass workshops, skill sharing and story telling in combination with whatever participants bring to share. Providing an amazing alternative to learn rad skills amongst friends old and new to otherwise intimidating or judgmental action camps, we are happy to announce the coming of Cascadia's third annual Trans and Womyn's Action Camp (TWAC).

Last year attendees spent 6 days in what was a proposed site for an LNG Palomar pipeline in the forests of Mt. Hood. Attendees were able to enjoy, what for some, was the first actual safe(r) space they had ever experienced. Conversations about campaigning, non-violent direct action, security culture and others took place along with workshops about botany and strategizing in addition to plenty of hikes and swimming. Folks felt safety and comfort amongst one another as new friendships were formed in the Mt. Hood National Forest.

Camp went by quickly; the days filled with workshops, discussions, hiking and swimming and nights were spent under the stars around a campfire while attendees got to know one another forming lasting relationships and spreading the seeds of resistance as each person left bringing what they learned at TWAC to their hometowns.

TWAC is special and extremely important to the environmental movement. Stemming from Earth First! TWAC aims to combat patriarchy while celebrating resistance and identity, creating an intersection between the killing of the forests and the killing of womyn and trans folks in a largely violent and patriarchal dominated space, TWAC aims to take space and make room for marginalized identities while directly confronting problems around environmental and identity oppression.

TWAC exists because within the larger environmental movement, not everyone always feels welcome or safe. We're getting ready for another amazing week of camp this year in Cascadia July 27th-August 1st 2011. Join us! For more information e-mail  twac@riseup.net or visit our website for more information  http://twac.wordpress.com/2010/01/15/twac/
See you in Cascadia!

homepage: homepage: http://twac.wordpress.com/2010/01/15/twac/