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Global Justice Microcosm: Vancouver Downtown Eastside, Defending the DTES by any legal and

Global Justice Microcosm: Vancouver Downtown Eastside, Defending the DTES by any legal and moral means necessary

(China-Las vegas-Triads and British Columbia's Resources a la Far East Russia)
Global Justice Microcosm: Vancouver Downtown Eastside, Defending the DTES by any legal and moral means necessary

(China-Las vegas-Triads and British Columbia's Resources a la Far East Russia)

(This document is given to Global Politicians, Banks and Energy stakeholders, Grassroots etc)

It is publicly available at:  http://floodiceorfire.wordpress.com/2011/02/17/855/
 link to www.climateimc.org
Defending the DTES, by any legal and moral means necessary Part 2
(The original article appears in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside Carnegie Newsletter current issue)
CASINO-GATE: Stopping the DTES-Chinatown Neighbourhood 5 Towers
There is an extreme predator in our midst (the DTES) the likes and scale of which we have never seen. It has lurked and preyed for a long time, but now it is looking for the final kill. It's true identity finally becoming apparent. It is Billionaire Predatory and Casino Capitalism.

The 5 Condo-Gentrification Towers, they want to build, has nothing to do with the revitalization of DTES-Chinatown or as the original poor Chinese immigrants called it, Salt Water City (Hum Sui Fow). But it does have everything to do with the proposed MegaCasino "entertainment complex" at north False Creek downtown.
A major partner in this MegaCasino complex is multi-billionaire Terry Hui and his Concord Pacific corp. Paragon Gaming (and Paragon Development; see also Paragon Capital as a financier of Worthington Properties and the Van Maren Group) is another major partner (much more to come on them). The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia(ICBC), Chairman T. Richard Turner has a long-standing relationship with Paragon Gaming

T. Richard Turner is major Gordon Campbell Provincial Liberal Party donor and fundraiser. T. Richard was also a governor of the World Economic Forum(DAVOS). He was also a past Chair of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, as well as being on the organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympics. He is involved with the Las Vegas based Paragon Gaming( he's on their board of directors for Casino-GATE) in overseeing the MagaCasino complex.
The 5 gentrification Towers are primarily geared as feeder for the Casino-GATE complex. How? Recently China's Authorities approved Canada as an officially approved tourist destination. Canadian tourist agencies and government statistics are expecting over 22% increase in tourism to Canada, higher in BC. ( See also China's much bigger then Las Vegas. Macau gambling mecca).
Now, Vancouver's City Council and Mayor Gregor Robertson's "Emergency" Resolution to chop out of the body of the DTES, Chinatown makes sense. Casino-GATE.

Councillor Raymond Louie has talked about arriving at City Hall in 1994, when there were nasty, bitter debates about a Maga-Casino Complex near Gastown. At that time it was to cost $750 million and pushed by guess who--? Premier Mike Harcourt (see also Bingo-GATE) of course. The people won at that time.
The Vancouver Police Department has gone on record saying the Mega-Casino complex will not bring Organized Crime Syndicates. The VDP, needs to be probed. More to come Part 3
I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Love Anonymous Zero

Building Communities Society: Billionaire Barbarians at our gates (DTES)

(The original article appears in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside Carnegie Newsletter current issue)

On Feb. 5. 11, at the DTES Neighbourhood Council meeting, Wendy Pedersen of (DNC) asked me if I would write in the Carnegie Newsletter my concerns to do with the Building Communities Society (BCS) who are tasked by City council to be our co-chairs and partners in the DTES local area plan (the planning future of our community).

Here's Milton Wong (quote from the Vancouver Sun) the founder, billionaire-type, driving force and honorary chairman of the BCS. "It takes vision to go into one of the most deplorable areas and go hey, we should send our institution down there because it's the best way of revitalizing the Downtown East Side (he's referring to SFU-Woodwards complex).

Milton Wong is a billionaire-type who is the former Simon Fraser University chancellor and a key person in the development of the Woodwards complex. Milton Wong, was the chair of the fundraising campaign for the GoldCorp, SFU School for Contemporary Arts at Woodwards. He donated $3 million for the Milton Wong theatre, the "heart" of the GoldCorp centre for the Arts at Woodwards.

Milton Wong is also the chairman of HSBC Bank, Canada, Asset Management. HSBC is one of the world's largest banks and also one of its most notorious, exploitive and greedy. HSBC is one of the major funders of the Alberta Tar Sands. Indigenous Peoples in Alberta and elsewhere have been campaigning against HSBC for a long time now.

Milton Wong is also on the board of directors of one of the world's largest most notorious, exploitive , abusive, mining companies RioTinto Alcan. Here's what Indigenous Rights Activists here in B.C. have
said referring to RioTintoAlcan's Indigenous Peoples Policy:

Redwashing is a term to describe the deception of the general public by government and industry in trying to cover up their theft of indigenous peoples lands, natural resources and cultural riches by pretending that they are acting in the best interests of the native peoples. The term is coined in analogy to greenwashing. Like in the case of greenwash, redwash occurs when time and money are spent on public relations gimmicks that make a pretence of acting ethically towards the indigenous nations of the New World, when in fact the opposite is done.

RioTintoAlcan has also royally screwed the Carrier-Sekani Tribal Council (B.C. First Nation) all the up to the Supreme Court of Canada (Oct, 2010), denying the Carrier-Sekani there land rights and their duty to consult First Nations.

Milton Wong's billionaire-type buddy, Brandt Louie, was also a driving force behind the Woodwards gentrification complex. Louie is the chancellor of SFU. He is also the chairman of the board of London Drugs, a profitable corporation that is subsidized by public tax dollars to be in the Woodwards gentrification complex.

He also serves on the board of directors of the Royal Bank Canada (Canada's largest bank), Canfor, and the World Economic Forum (DAVOS).

Completing the triumvirate of billionaire Rule in the DTES is Milton Wong's other buddy, Jimmy Pattison. Pattison of course is one of the world's richest and greediest men. He owns a third of the shares of Canfor. He's on the board of directors of the TD bank and BCE Canada's largest telecommunications corporation and is a major developer in Vancouver etc. His upscale food store Nestors is located at the heart of the Woodwards gentrification complex in the Atrium with London Drugs. His store is subsidized by public tax dollars to be in the DTES.

We must remember, that to the billionaire-types, we are sitting on a pot of gold. They want to mine for that gold. The only reason the real estate (land) is cheap is because of us, the poor. They will do anything to get at the last remaining cheap real estate in downtown Vancouver. Employing, Good Cop-Bad Cop routine, Carrot or Stick, seduction, corruption, bribery, displacement or brute force.

Here's the salesman, Chairman of the (BCS), Mike Harcourt in the Feb. 5 11 National Post:

He points to the Woodward's block, a massive new development on the Downtown Eastside's western fringe. Built with public and private funds, it offers a unique mix of social and market housing, retail space, government offices and a university campus.
"I think it's a wonderful addition," he says. "It's had a great impact."

On the Year of the Rabbit,
In the Year of the DTES,
Leprechaun Dave

Defending the DTES, by any legal and moral means necessary Part 1

(Article appears in February 1 2011 edition PaulR Taylor Editor)

PaulR Taylor, writes " If you can keep on this theme (corruption and abuse of power) all the better. It was in regard to my previous article, "Worthington Properties(Pantages theatre) linked to Organized Crime Syndicates. Well here goes Paul.

On Jan 20, 2011 Mayor Gregor Robertson and his Vision-less council members created an abrupt "Emergency" resolution that begins the process of chopping up the body of the DTES, by removing a vital organ of the DTES, separating our poor in our Chinatown neighbourhood (Historic Area Heights Review).

But that's not all. Mayor Robertson, also abused his power by Silencing our entire DTES community by not allowing  80 community members to speak to Council. Council members from left to right spoke in unison condemning this universally as draconian and undemocratic.
These actions come from Mayor Robertson, who in China last year infamously questioned how worthwhile democracy was and endorsed China's undemocratic oppressive authoritarian leaders. He was later forced to apologize.

Mayor Robertson's two pillars of his Vision team are the eradication of homelessness and making Vancouver the Greenest city on earth by 2020. The truth is Mayor Gregor is the "Prince Charming" of the Whole Foods, Happy Planet (he's co-owner) greenwash corporate industry (the faux green movement).

The reality is our DTES is the greenest urban community in Canada. How? Per person we have the lowest carbon footprint in urban Canada. The vast majority of us do not own cars. Most of us do not  even own bikes or phones, we're malnourished and confined to tiny spaces. We're a non-consumerist culture, we recycle and reuse everything, we have a weekly community street fair that helps facilitate that.

A culture of sharing is what the poor do. And as a soul of the DTES Harriet Nahanee, defended the land, environment, women and the poor. We are a unique culture of survivors and resisters to all forms of exploitation and abuse. The spirit of Harriet Nahanee would tell you, that spirit of resistance goes all the way back to it's Squamish roots.

It is imperative that the green movement (those opposed to fossil fuels and nuclear) lock arms with our community to oppose our destruction (e.g. by gentrification: building more elite market condos) and call for 100% affordable housing, until all our people are adequately housed and safe.  We are the urban community face of such a movement. One rooted in Justice, compassion, sensibility and a culture of sharing.

If Martin Luther King jr were alive today and was in Canada, he would without a doubt be locking arms with our community, because we are a community of Justice seekers.

The prime justice directive of all the world's religions from Antioch Christianity to Zoroastrianism, is to not judge and oppress the poor but we should judge the greedy and the powerful and check their abuses and corruption.

All communities of Love, Compassion and Justice seekers should be locking arms with our community, for we are also a community of healers.

*As a beloved community member put it many times, our community lost it's virginity over the Woodward's condo complex process. Presently with Mike Harcourt's Building Communities Society and the local area plan, we face the Woodward's process to the 10th power. We need to move very slowly and deliberately. We should not be forced to do anything we don't want to or we might just find out that our partner, ate Grandma and has very big teeth and ears. More in Part 2

Love Anonymous Zero

New mega casino will be a mega headache

Re: Casino development promoters stress economic benefits for city, Feb. 11
Vancouver has been working hard to be a green and compassionate city; adding a mega Las Vegas-styled casino to BC Place is not in keeping with this image.
Despite Paragon president Scott Menke's assertion that "small businesses will benefit," research shows destination casinos divert spending from local arts, sports, tourism and other businesses.
As for the casino's being "safer than shopping malls," FINTRAC (Financial Transactions Reports Analysis Centre of Canada) research shows casinos are the third-largest venues for money laundering in Canada.
BC Pavilion Corp. (PavCo) chair David Podmore cites a "very positive response" from the surrounding community to the new casino proposal; why, then, are the Strathcona and False Creek Residents Associations, the Grandview Area Council, Arts Advocacy BC and others officially against it?
This mega casino is a mega bad idea for Vancouver. I urge both citizens and council to just say no.
Hilary reiD

Read more:  link to www.vancouversun.com


MGM picks reputed China crime family over N.J.
Chicago Sun-Times
Nov 8, 2010 6:28AM

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- Faced with cutting its ties to an alleged organized-crime family in China or a selling its interest in an Atlantic City casino, MGM Resorts International is saying goodbye to New Jersey.
On Thursday, MGM closed a $73 million sale of its land under Atlantic City's Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa to Vornado Realty Trust and Geyser Holdings.
MGM is selling its half ownership in the Borgata to an unidentified bidder for more than $250 million.
The company acted after an ultimatum from New Jersey casino regulators that it sell its stake in Atlantic City's top casino or cut ties with Pansy Ho, its partner in a casino in the Chinese enclave of Macau.
Ho's father, Stanley Ho, has long been accused of ties to Chinese organized crime, which he denies. MGM chose to keep its relationship with Ho and walk away from the Borgata.
Considered the father of modern gambling in China, Stanley Ho lets criminal gangs "operate and thrive" inside his casinos, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement said in a report issued to the casino in May 2009 and made public last March. The division found that Pansy Ho, his daughter, is dependent on him and his money and remains under his influence.
The regulators concluded that Pansy Ho is an "unsuitable" business partner of MGM in Macau.
The company admits no wrongdoing and says it has a "spotless record" operating the MGM Grand Macau with Pansy Ho.
Reuters And PBS Unite To Uncover Organized Crime In Macau Casino

 link to www.businessinsider.com
Lauren Streib |Mar. 30, 2010, 4:02 PM

There were two big names involved in Reuter's probe into Sands Macau.
Reuters Enterprise Editor Jim Impoco, the former Sunday Business editor of the New York Times, and PBS producer and Berkeley professor Lowell Bergman, whose investigation into the tobacco industry ended up on-screen in The Insider.

The story involves threats of limb-breaking, murder, previously undisclosed court documents and potential violations of American gaming laws by Las Vegas Sands.
Another exciting aspect: cross-media cooperation. As written in the piece, it's "is a collaboration with the Investigative Reporting Program at University of California, Berkeley."
It's an industry move that everyone from Bill Keller to HuffPo has touted, and the new non-profits like ProPublica (which had a hand in a NYTimes Magazine cover story last year),

Center for Public Integrity, and Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.
It is, of course, too early to tell whether these collaborative moves or non-profit motives will solve the gaping hole in journalism's business model. But for now, it's producing some stories that may have not been possible otherwise.
Read Reuters special report here>

Special report: High-rollers, triads and a Las Vegas giant
 link to www.reuters.com
By Matt Isaacs and Reuters staff
At first, the men had been ordered to break the arms and legs of a dealer at Sands Macau suspected of helping a patron cheat millions of dollars from the business. Later, a call went out to murder the dealer, court records show. But then one of the gangsters balked and reported the plans to authorities.
The plot's mastermind, according to testimony in previously undisclosed court transcripts obtained by Reuters, was Cheung Chi-tai. At trial a witness identified Cheung as a leader of the Wo Hop To -- one of the organized crime groups in the region known as triads. Another witness, a senior inspector with the Hong Kong police called to testify because he is an expert on the triads, identified Cheung by name as someone who would commit crimes for money. Cheung's organized crime affiliation was corroborated in interviews for this article with law enforcement and security officials intimately familiar with the gaming industry in Macau.
The murder-for-hire case sheds light on the links between China's secretive triad societies and Macau's booming gambling industry. It also raises potentially troubling questions about one of the world's largest gaming companies, Las Vegas Sands, which plans to open a $5.5 billion Singapore casino resort in late April.
Cheung was not just named as a triad member but also, according to a regular casino patron testifying in the trial, "the person in charge" of one of the VIP rooms at the Sands Macau, the first of three casinos run here by Las Vegas Sands.

Diane bennett owner of Paragon Gaming etc, is the daughter of Las Vegas pioneer Bill Bennett one of America's richest men at time of his death 2002. Paragon controls Excalibur, Luxor casinos. Bill was the co-owner of Circus-circus.
He's been linked with Tony "The Ant" Spilotro (If you saw the hollywood movie Casino , the little mean character played by Joe Pesci was based on him.) Jay Sarno, as well, linked with Bennett. Sarno, is the character Robert De Niro plays in the movie Casino. Sarno was always believed to be Mob(by the FBI) and a early pioneer of Las vegas and the "owner" of Circus-circus (passed on to Bennett). Tony the ant had a "little shop" in there- Circus-circus.

Chinese cyber attack targets Canadian government departments
 link to www.montrealgazette.com
FEBRUARY 16, 2011
OTTAWA — The Treasury Board of Canada confirmed Wednesday night that the department had suffered "an unauthorized attempt to access its networks," after a CBC report said a cyber attack originating in China had compromised the emails of top-ranking government officials.
The attack, believed to have started more than a month ago, forced both the Treasury Board and Finance Department to limit employee access to the Internet at both departments while investigators attempt to ascertain the breadth of the hackers' intrusion.
Jay Denney, a spokesman for Treasury Board President Stockwell Day, said in an e-mail late Wednesday that "officials responsible for security have taken appropriate action in response to the threat."
In its report, CBC termed the attack "unprecedented" in that hackers hijacked the "online identities" of top bureaucrats and then sent documents infected with a virus to employees throughout the departments. The hackers are believed to have accessed classified information.

B.C. wood-culture push brings Chinese success

British Columbia's foresters have made a long-awaited breakthrough in China by convincing the country on the merits of wood.
The effort has sent the value of B.C. lumber exports surging beyond expectations.
China is a bright spot in what remains a troubled industry. B.C. lumber sales to mainland China doubled in 2010 to $668-million, exceeding Japan for the first time. But Japan is still an extremely weak market while the United States - the traditional No. 1 market for B.C. wood - is mired in a housing recession.
The new foothold in China is the longer-term salve for British Columbia, which faces a seemingly permanently reduced market in Japan and an extended, and slow, recovery in the United States.

EnCana-PetroChina Deal Subject to Review
FEBRUARY 11, 2011
TORONTO--PetroChina Co.'s planned 5.4 billion Canadian-dollar ($5.42 billion) deal to acquire a 50% stake in EnCana Corp.'s Cutbank Ridge natural-gas reserves in Western Canada will be reviewed by Industry Canada, a federal ministry, to determine if the proposed transaction generates a net economic benefit for Canada.
"I can confirm that this transaction is subject to review under the Investment Canada Act," Industry Canada Minister Tony Clement said in an emailed statement. The deal can't proceed unless the government decides the transaction passes the Investment Canada Act's net economic-benefit test.
PetroChina, an arm of China's state-owned National Petroleum Co., plans to file its application soon, Mr. Clement said. PetroChina produces two-thirds of China's oil and gas.
EnCana, one of North America's biggest natural gas producers, expected the review given the transaction's large size. However, the Calgary company isn't concerned.

British Columbia rejects federal securities plan
Tue Feb 8, 2011 1:10pm EST
Feb 8 (Reuters) - The province of British Columbia does not support the Canadian government's current proposal to establish a national securities regulator, the province's finance minister, Colin Hansen, said on Tuesday.

Hells Angels infiltrator surprised at B.C.'s lenience with gang
 link to www.vancouversun.com
American undercover police officer enthralls symposium crowd with his experiences with 'international crime syndicate'
By Kim Bolan, Vancouver Sun February 10, 2011

The Hells Angels are an international crime syndicate who try to cover up their vicious criminal history with their "massive propaganda machine," says an American police officer who infiltrated the notorious biker gang.
And Jay (Bird) Dobyns said it is surprising that Hells Angels in B.C. have not been declared a criminal organization by the province's courts, despite attempts by prosecutors to get that designation.
"Yes, it is surprising," Dobyns said of the B.C. Angels court victories.
"These guys are a criminal franchise. They are an international crime syndicate. And if we are just going to go to them for the explanation of who they are, then you are going to get the whitewash. That's what they do. But their history and their track record and the crimes they have committed and the viciousness of them and the proliferation of their crimes, they don't get to step away from that."

Chinese firm backs Enbridge oil pipeline
 link to www.winnipegfreepress.com
01/21/2011 1:00 AM
CALGARY -- The chief executive of Enbridge Inc. confirmed Thursday a major Chinese oil company is backing its controversial oil pipeline between Alberta and the West Coast.
Sinopec is among producers and refiners that have together matched Enbridge's (TSX:ENB) $100 million early-stage investment in the Northern Gateway proposal, Pat Daniel told a CIBC investment conference in Whistler, B.C.

"That speaks to the level of commitment that they've got, in that they're investing upfront," he said.

Sinopec, one of many Asian players to invest in the oilsands over the past few years, is the only Northern Gateway backer to be publicly identified so far.
The $5.5-billion Northern Gateway proposal has been dogged by vehement opposition from First Nations communities along the route and near the coast, as well as from environmentalists.

Triads tighten grip on Russia's far east
By Bertil Lintner

As Chinese Triads in Vladivostok take over the reins of organised crime from Russian groups, Bertil Lintner examines the changing face of Russia's far east.
Organised crime has always been a problem in Vladivostok and Russia's far east, but the last few years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of Chinese Triad groups operating in the region.
Last year alone, an estimated US$200m was transferred from China to the Russian far east--mostly through the Chinese underground banking system (see box: underground banks)--and invested in casinos, hotels, restaurants, and hostess bars. Large amounts have also been invested in illegal logging and fishing deals, with timber and fish being smuggled to China, Japan and South Korea; costing the government millions of roubles every year in lost revenue.

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