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Single-Payer Health Care in Oregon?

An Oregon State Rep takes the lead on ethical health care in Oregon. Rally in Salem, Friday, March 11, when the bill is introduced to the House Health Care Committee.
Thanks to KBOO, I learned that an Oregon state rep is leading the fight for single-payer health care in Oregon. This is a direct challenge to the federal government. The state rep is Michael Dembrow, and you can follow links from his home page  http://www.michaeldembrow.com/rep/?page_id=228 to read about the bill, Affordable Health Care for All Oregon Act.

There will be a rally in Salem on the day the Act is heard in the House Health Care Committee, Friday, March 11. I hope to see you there, and I will post again as the day nears.

homepage: homepage: http://www.michaeldembrow.com/rep/?page_id=228

Actually, it's the activists... 17.Feb.2011 12:38


Rep. Dembrow is introducing the bill in the House, and Chip Shields is doing the same in the Senate, but it's actually some committed activists that are leading on this. Specifically, the Jobs with Justice health care committee has been organizing around single payer for a few years. Dembrow and Shields are good guys, but they are following the lead of others on this.

Just sayin'

right on 17.Feb.2011 15:51


thanks for the correction. It's always the committed activists and I certainly didn't get the whole story. Just wanted to publicize it.