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How long will OPB just continue to passively sit there and broadcast away Chevron's PBS Newshour advertisements without so much as even a statement of concern???
FWIW, I like the people at OPB.

But they just continue to broadcast away whatever PBS dishes out without so much as a statement of concern even when things really get egregious.

Ecuador's recent 8+ billion dollar ruling against Chevron brings back to the fore an old issue...one of many where Chevron-Texaco is concerned.

Of course there is also the whole issue of the PBS Newshour taking money from multinational corporations and thus compromising their impartiality and ability to report the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

So far this week Silence has prevailed on the PBS Newshour regarding the recent ruling against Chevron.

What I would like to see from OPB is the airing of a statement of concern immediately prior to and immediately after Chevron's PBS Newshour commercials. Emphasizing that OPB has reservations about the Newshour continuing to take the money and broadcast the commercials.

Better yet though, OPB should just deny broadcast transmission of those time-wasting commercials. But we'll get to that later.

RIght now it is better that OPB just make their own internal decisions about how they want to handle the PBS Newshour and also publicly issue the reasoning behind their decision-making.

Eventually though, somebody is going to have to intervene if the situation isn't corrected internally.