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Did Officer Jerry Webber win the Darwin Award, do the honorable thing, or Get bumped off?

Mainstream media sources KVAL and The Register Guard are not reporting about a dead cop's past covering up and eventually whistle blowing the worst sex scandal in EPD's history.
I have hard time believing someone who works with guns is going to go so stupidly. Somehow when this story broke I recalled the name "officer webber" and was wondering where. So I decided to search the Eugene Weekly online archives. Covering up for fellow cops who coerce people for sex is pretty damn fucking cruel. Was Officer Webber playing naive about officer Magaña or was he pressured to deny it was going on? I don't know. Bad cop karma does come back to haunt these so called piggies who lose their humanity for their duties. I feel sorry for him for being put into such an awkward position. It seems very reasonable to me that that he committed suicide because he just couldn't bear working for such a corrupt agency anymore. Here's the conflicting stories. Please connect the dots as best you can.


[quote] Updated at 10:30 p.m. Friday, February 11, 2011

EUGENE, Ore. - A Eugene police officer died after a hunting rifle he was unloading from a vehicle fired, hitting him with a single shot.

Sgt. Gerald "Jerry" Webber, 44, of Eugene died Friday morning at the Izaak Walton League of America shooting range south of Eugene.

"We lost a very special respect and well-loved member of our police department today," Chief Pete Kerns said. "Sgt. Jerry Webber is known to us as a man of integrity with a strong sense of duty, service and honor."

The shooting happened around 11:03 a.m., as Webber unloaded a rifle from the back of his vehicle, the sheriff's office said, when the gun detonated a single shot.[/quote]


By hiring Magaña, the city was "giving that violent sex offender the means to rape and sexually abuse as many as 45 known victims," Burrows wrote.

• "Officer [Gerald] Webber testified in trial and deposition that a woman told him Magaña was asking for 'blow jobs,' but he thought that she was making it up despite the fact that he knew the woman never lied to him." Webber repeatedly testified under oath that he told acting Lt. Jim Fields about the accusation and Fields told him to drop it. But Fields called that claim a "damn lie."


A victim said she told officers Jerry Webber, Roberto Rios and police Lt. Pete Kerns that Magaña was coercing sex from her but they did nothing. The woman said Magaña quickly found out about the complaints and threatened to shoot her if she complained again.


The trial, expected to last until mid July, continues to raise questions about how Magaña was allegedly able to sexually abuse and rape so many women without the EPD stopping him.

The 39-year-old woman testified that she told Eugene Police Officer Jerry Webber what Magaña was doing, but the department did nothing. "I hollered for help to the police department and he didn't do a damn thing for me," the woman alleged angrily.

The lack of action by the EPD left her feeling "hopeless and helpless," the woman said. "I didn't understand how he [Magaña] could do this and not get caught when he's supposed to be someone you could trust."

The only apparent result of her complaint was more abuse from Magaña, the woman alleged. Magaña came to her "infuriated" that she had complained, demanded more oral sex, ripped off her pants, "touched my genitals with his gun," and said, "If you tell anyone anything about me, I'll blow you up from the inside out," she alleged.

Magaña later threatened her until she would restore his reputation by writing a glowing commendation letter, she alleged. "He was going to hurt me, kill me, hurt my daughter, take my daughter away."

Officer Webber testified that he asked Officer Magaña about the woman's allegations, but Magaña denied it. Webber said Magaña told him the woman had made the same allegations about him.

Webber said he asked the woman if she had accused him of abuse while the officer drove her to jail. Webber said the woman denied she had and also recanted her allegations against Magaña. [ . .. . . story continues]


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Police sergeant dies at gun range
Officials say the man was accidentally shot while moving his rifle

By Jack Moran

The Register-Guard

Published: Saturday, Feb 12, 2011 03:27PM

A veteran Eugene police sergeant died Friday in an off-duty, accidental shooting at a firing range southwest of Eugene.

Sgt. Jerry Webber, 44, was identified by Lane County sheriff's officials as the victim of the shooting, which was reported about 11 a.m. at a private range operated by a local chapter of the Izaak Walton League.

Sheriff's Capt. Bill Thompson said an initial investigation suggests that Webber was removing a hunting rifle from the back of his vehicle when the weapon discharged, striking him once. Witnesses called medics, but Webber died at the scene.

Although officials with the sheriff's office and the county medical examiner's office are continuing an investigation, detectives have no reason to believe the shooting was "anything other than" accidental, Thompson said.

Sheriff's officials released no additional details regarding the incident.

In a statement released hours after the shooting, Eugene Police Chief Pete Kerns said Webber's friends and colleagues are "shocked and grieving at his passing."

"We lost a very special, respected and well-loved member of our police department today," Kerns said. "(Webber) was known to us as a man of integrity with a strong sense of duty, service and honor."

Webber became a Eugene police officer in 1994. He was promoted to sergeant in 2003.