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Video: Labor Picket at Janus Youth Programs Office

Interview with Jonathan Demery, picketing at Janus Youth Program offices at 707 NE Couch Street in Portland Oregon. This local non profit runs the Street Light and Porch Light Shelters as well as Harry's Mother Youth Program.

Picket at Janus Youth Program
This is an ongoing Direct Action picket, everyday, Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 11:00 am, at the Janus Youth Program offices in Portland Oregon.
According to Jonathan, and literature handed out at the picket, the management at the non profit have tied their agreement for the newest labor contract and very small raises to replacing the present Peer Review Panel with a Mandatory Arbitration.

"Basically what we are asking for is what we've had for ten years, which is a Peer Review Panel, which allows for people who have been fired to have their peers sit on a panel, review the case and decide if the firing was fair or not. And our managers are saying that they won't sign the contract with the Portland workers and with the International Workers of the World (IWW) unless the workers give up their fight for this panel and agree to have binding arbitration,.......which would cost $1500.000 a day."
"This would make it unfeasible for workers to have any meaningful democratic oversight into discharged employees."

The non profit organization is mostly funded from City, County and State grants, and so, this is community money that could be used on local youth programs.

Jonathan states that Janus is "hierarchical and are not allowing for workers or the Community to have any input on these issues. They are basically top down decisions that are being made, we are being told that we just have to live with them."
Jonathan further states that the top manager, Dennis Morrow, makes in excess of $156,000.00 a year, "while they can't give their workers who are running the program.......even $10.000 an hour in many cases, and they are trying to pressure us economically to give up some of the small worker rights that we've gained over the years that we believe in and want to keep."

Those who are holding this picket, the individual workers and the IWW, invite the community to support their efforts and join in the picket, which will continue until their demands are met.
2249 East Burnside

Video interview is about 7 minutes in length.

Picket at Janus Youth Programs

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Gabe 15.Feb.2011 18:10

IWW Means.....

INDUSTRIAL WORKERS OF THE WORLD!!!!!!! not international

OOPS! 15.Feb.2011 18:34


Yea, I know better..........Thanks!