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Massive Police layoffs in Camden , NJ- drones are going to be used to replace cops

USA today informs us that the in Camden, NJ, the brokest city in New Jersey is having to make massive budget cuts. They are doing some interesting things to replace police.

Plenty of money for drones 14.Feb.2011 18:14


It's the next bubble!

awesome 15.Feb.2011 08:43


Will the drones be able to kill unarmed civilians?

How about beat up minorities for traffic violations and plant drugs/weapons on them?

drones? 15.Feb.2011 17:08

not sure

I don't know what the drones will be able to do. I'm sure they'll find a way to do the racist profiling crap anyway. Profiling- its how the rich stay safe from the bad icky detrius of poor people they create with their greed. Surely, they'll improvise something. Camden, NJ is a pretty rough and mostly black area, so there I'm sure they'll just put a kill switch on their stupid model planes.

For the rest of us, they'll prolly send a photograph back to base and then send out some hopped up cop ready to kick ass if the person is an "undesirable."

Either way, its police state fun for all!