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VIDEO: Sharing Public Sidewalks Advisory Committee Meeting 2.7.11

Filmed at the monthly open to the public meeting
Held on the first Monday of the month
At the Portland Building on the 2nd floor
The time of the meeting is 3:30 PM
Portland Public Sidewalk Advisory Committee Meeting 2.7.11
Portland Public Sidewalk Advisory Committee Meeting 2.7.11

(81 minute video from 2.7.11 meeting)

This meeting discusses the sidewalk laws and the results from the laws.
The meeting is attended by citizens and city officials, as well as advocates and civil rights observers.
There is public input
The police and the PBA have a Representative at these meeting, which are hosted by City Council Amanda Fritz office.

I have been documenting these videos since the first meeting and all of them are archived on my website and on Portland Indymedia

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

Sharing Public Sidewalks Information online ? 13.Feb.2011 14:24

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

I tried looking for information on this Sharing Sidwalk Meeting "online at Amanda Fritz website" but can not find any links to any thing current on this topic?

The home page link for Councilwoman Amanda Fritz is here:

16:00 minutes into video 13.Feb.2011 14:46

quote from Video

Amy Burn Denurt (sp?) Portland Officer for these sidewalk downtown issues

She is the new Neighbor Response Officer, Mark Freedman (sp?) is gone

Feedback Opinions are welcomed, so says the rep at the meeting