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Egypt warns against disorder & chaos

Egypt's military to warn against "chaos and disorder"

Egypt's new military rulers will issue a warning against anyone who creates "chaos and disorder", an army source said on Sunday.

The source said the military statement was now expected to appear on Monday, not Sunday as the source had said earlier. The Higher Military Council will also ban meetings by labour unions or professional syndicates, effectively forbidding strikes, and tell all Egyptians to get back to work after the unrest that toppled Hosni Mubarak.

Army in Cairo - Hassan al Roueini said: 13.Feb.2011 12:53

another me

Hassan al Roueini, military commander for the Cairo area, joins protesters in Tahrir Square. "All your demands will be met today,'' he tells the jubilant crowd, who responded, "The people want the end of the regime,'' and "God is great." (Suhaib Salem/Reuters) #

Hassan al Roueini, military commander for the Cairo area
Hassan al Roueini, military commander for the Cairo area

When asked about the "army not fulfilling promises" ... 13.Feb.2011 13:01

Jackson Dolittle

When we asked what will happen if the army doesn't fulfill its promises, he said, "Tahrir Square is not going anywhere-we have already won once. It will be easier for us to regroup and remobilize. We can take it back at any minute."

Many others we spoke with also made it clear that the struggle won't end with Mubarak's ouster. There was a group of two accountants, two teachers and some university students from the Qalyubia governorate north of Cairo. They had been camping in Tahrir Square for a week. They all said this was the happiest day of their life. One of the accountants said, "We will not leave until the dictator goes on trial."

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