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Celebrating People's Power in Egypt--photos and comments

They did it! They won! The people of Egypt showed the rest of the world what people can do when they use their power and don't give up.
They did it! They won! The people of Egypt showed the rest of the world what people can do when they use their power and don't give up. With incredible courage and solidarity, they succeeded in getting rid of a hated tyrant and a corrupt government, which had tried to crush them for the past 30 years. The triumph of the people of Egypt makes all of us who stand for freedom and justice happy! We share their joy and celebrate their tremendous victory. They have made history that will inspire millions around the world for a very long time.
Many folks, who had shown up these last two Saturdays at Pioneer Square to support the protestors in Egypt, were here again today. But this time the mood was different. People were smiling and laughing, shouting with joy, chanting, singing and dancing, hugging each other and their children. They waved flags, and signs that expressed their joy and excitement: "Happy Birthday, Egypt! Long Live Free Egypt! Long Live the Egyptian Revolution! I'm so proud to be Egyptian! Freedom is Wonderful! All Power to the People!" Many also held up signs with pictures of those who were killed in Tahrir Square. They called for a moment of silence to honor the fallen heroes. Then, the music and the celebration began again, as people relished this momentous time in history. We will never forget what
the people of Egypt have done in their unstoppable struggle for "Hurriya, hurriya, adalah igtimayyia - freedom, freedom, social justice!"

FB photo link wih more from today 12.Feb.2011 21:57

Passed Along

 link to www.facebook.com

More photos on FB "Portlanders for Egypt"

re: FB photo link with more from today 13.Feb.2011 16:11

this is why I hate facebook!

"You must log in to see this page."

Not everyone has a facebook account. Ahem.

Facebook Beaver 14.Feb.2011 18:58

(names changed)

"Golly Beaver, I didn't know you didn't have a Facebook account?"

"Ahhh shuck Wally, don't tease me, mom says that they SPY on you"

"Well Beaver, don't do anything bad and then there is no worry bout them FaceB-ers spying on you, duh!"

"Gosh Wally your accusing me, AND teasing me, I'm going back home!"

"OK Beaver, but if you don't get an account how are you suppose to know whats going on?"

"Leave me alone Wally, I cant let them see me, mom said they are spies, don't you get it!?"

Wally shrugs and walks the other way, muttering to himself, he says loudly so Beaver can hear, "Boy Beaver is sure gonna miss all the good stuff that is happening on Facebook. How will the Beav even know when the revolution is coming? I gotta talk to mom about this FB barrier, this is not good for the Beav no way!"