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Egypt - Portland Solidarity - Celebration Gathering in the Square Today 2PM

Pioneer Square 2 - 3:30PM Celebration
Join us today at 2 pm, Pioneer Square to:

1- Honor and remember the martyrs of the Egyptian revolution
2- Celebrate the victory
3- Share sweets
4- Get to know each other, live, and think about next steps

Thanks for all who supported the Egyptian revolution and particiapted in this group.

More information suggestion: Use FB search words: "Portlanders for Egypt"

What if ? 12.Feb.2011 15:14

Wrench Monkey

What if Egyptians, instead of rising up in revolution against their own rulers, had merely demonstrated in support of U.S. resisters like Bradley Manning who were being tortured by Obama?

Egypt, Reagan, Obama: U.S. Hypocrisy Is All That Really Trickles Down 12.Feb.2011 15:48

Jared Ball

from:  link to www.opednews.com

"As I see it two persistent hypocritical stories seem unavoidable lately and each speak to the weakness of progressive politics in the United States and to a hypocrisy I suspect would be the case regarding equal support for a domestic uprising of that kind. I don't mean a one-day march where everyone goes home. I mean a sustained uprising that challenged the normal flow of daily business or that threatened to overthrow someone the political elite of this country supports."

200+ in Pioneer Square in Celebration with Egypt 12.Feb.2011 17:08

Joe Anybody

A good turn out of happy folks celebrating in solidarity with the Egypt protesters in PDX 2/12/11.

Video coming soon.