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Video: Portland Human Rights Commission meeting 2.3.11 Should Police Join with FBI JTTF?

The Portland Human Rights Commission had there monthly meeting in the City Hall Chambers
The topic of FBI spying and not being trusted were presented by a wide variety of Portland Citizens. The meeting was open too hear from the community regarding should the Portland police and the FBI be working in secret Top Secret stuff together with no oversight (or not)?

Portland Human Rights Commission hosted the public discussion on:

"Should the Portland Police Join with the JTTF (FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force)
The meeting was recorded by a couple people, other footage may be available.

The city council will be voting on this at the end of this month.

A dozen people testified at this Human Rights Meeting, from both sides of the issue. Most of those testifying were NOT in favor of join with the FBI for very good reasons.

There was a few Iraq veterans (IVAW) who make very good points at numerous times in this public hearing

[Video] link to:  link to www.archive.org
JTTF - Human Rights - Portland Oregon - 2011
JTTF - Human Rights - Portland Oregon - 2011
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