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Video: Portland Solidarity with Egypt Rally

Video of the Rally in support of the people of Egypt in Pioneer Square on Saturday, February 5, 2011, including interviews with participants.
Egypt Solidarity Rally
The Square rang with the chants: "the people want Mubarek out," "brick by brick, wall by wall, we will see Mubarek fall;" "Hey Mubarek you will see, Egypt wants Democracy;""No more Pharoah;"and various other chants in another language, Egyptian Arabic.

Several people who were carrying signs saying, "ask me about Egypt," were kept busy with interviews by the numerous media on hand.
BR> There were a few posters with photographs depicting the "regime brutality in Egypt," as well as photographs of the multitude of recent Egyptians protesters in the Cairo Square. Union representatives were on hand with signs declaring their solidarity with Egypt's workers and Unions fight for Democracy.
Another sign denounced the economic conditions in Egypt, "Mubarek, Enough, 30 years of Corrupton."

I talked briefly with three of those people advertising their willingness to be interviewed. There were differences of opinion whether or not the protesters in Egypt should continue their protest or disperse in the name of the stability of the country.
But they all agreed that there is no way that the country can go back to the conditions of the last 30 years, and all were looking forward to a new Egypt.

Egypt Solidarity Rally

Uhm... 06.Feb.2011 12:42

Damos Abadon

I was at the rally yesterday, & from what i saw then & what i see here in these photos, there's NOTHING that was anti-semetic nor pro-nazi. Dude, chill out. If you're that bend over Tim Calvert, why don't you start you're own thread & let everyone know who he is.
In support for Egypt, this isn't the place.

what the hell 08.Feb.2011 14:20


is damos talking about?

Damos is responding 09.Feb.2011 23:24

Jim Lockhart

To an earlier comment criticizing the photograph of Tim Calvert holding a sign which was for some reason subsequently censored