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Bank Attack for the Old Growth

A Umpqua bank got attacked.
An Umpqua bank got attacked on Fremont and 44th with the words "Boycott" and "Cut A. Ford Not Old Growth" written on the side of the building. There were broken windows and paint splattered on the side of the bank.

Pretty cool--banks suck

More photos 04.Feb.2011 16:14

Crap Face

Here are more photos

Umqua Bank is Worse Than Your Average 04.Feb.2011 16:20

You Can't A Ford To Bank Here

The owners of this bank are notorious ancient forest liquidators in Roseburg area. For more information call Cascadia Wildlands Project in Eugene 541 434 -1463

Photo 04.Feb.2011 16:29

Crap face

Another one

@ 04.Feb.2011 20:13


Fucking nice! It's good to see sabotage getting brought back in the mix.