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Video: Single Payer Health Care Conference

Three video clips from the recent Single Payer Health Care Conference held in Portland Oregon.
Dr. Margaret Flowers Interview
Representative John Conyers Keynote Presentation
Labor Session at the Single Payer Health Care Conference
Dr. Margaet Flowers is the Congressional Fellow for Physicians for a National Health Program
Interview conducted by Lisa Stiller.

From Bill Moyers Journal
"While many in Congress, the press and the public have given up on the idea of even a limited public option in health care reform, Flowers and her group, Physicians for a National Health Program, are standing firm for a single-payer plan. Specifically, they want to extend the Medicare program, which they see as a functioning single-player plan, to the nation as a whole.
Flowers has testified before Congress and penned Op-Eds and she has been arrested three times in her attempts to get Congress and the White House to pay attention to single-payer."

Dr. Margaret Flowers Interview

Rep. John Conyers has been the Representative from Michigan since 1965.
From Wikileaks:
"He is currently the second-longest serving incumbent member of the House (just after fellow Democrat from Michigan, John Dingell) and the third-longest incumbent member of the entire Congress by length of service (after Dingell and Daniel Inouye). The district includes most of northwestern Detroit, as well as Highland Park, Hamtramck and part of Dearborn."

Representative John Conyers Keynote Presentation

The Labor Session featured two speakers: Tom Leedham, Principal Officer, Teamsters Local 206 in Oregon; and Mark Dudzic, National Coordinator, National Campaign for Single Payer.
This was an excellent workshop on the relationship between Labor and Health Care.

For further Information on national and state wide Single Payer Health Care campaigns

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