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Place/Time for Egypt Solidarity Rally this Saturday?

Does anyone know if there is a planned solidarity action with the people of Egypt planned in Portland for the International Day of Solidarity this Saturday?
If not, then I'd like to propose 1pm at Pioneer Square. Yes?

NOON at Pioneer Square! 03.Feb.2011 10:45


Just got hepped to it! This Saturday, 12-4pm at Pioneer Square. Rally in Solidarity with the Egyptian and Tunisian People! "Please spread the word and invite everyone to come out and stand together in support of the brave brothers, sisters, elders, and children of Egypt and Tunisia who are fighting for their human rights!! Solidarity, freedom for all!!"

Great! Hopefully Mummy Mubarak will Slink Away Before Saturday... 03.Feb.2011 11:18

Eugene, OR citizens who know real democracy has meaning

I will coordinate some carpooling from Eugene if you contact me at  syntaxtour@yahoo.com. Also interested if there is enough interest to have our own Eugene rally at some point...

Truth Inspiration 03.Feb.2011 12:42

Damos Abadon

Regarding what actually INSPIRED the Egyptian protests: many people assume that it was all inspired by the Tunisian protests. But actually, the real inspiration came from a Tunisian man who set himself on fire in despair after he had been humiliated by police thugs, forbidding him from running a food cart. Even though this man was well-educated, but was unable to find any meaningful work in his own country.

Word now is, journalists are being rounded up & detained in larger than ever numbers in Egypt. Both shoes may have fallen, but i feel that we've all yet to see the worst of it. Unfortunately, none of our American leaders can be trusted any further than they can be thrown. Just YESTERDAY Joe Biden said that Mubarak wasn't a dictator, but a "friend" of the U.S.! The American govt. is fully capitulating in the oppression of the Egyptian people - anything a U.S. official says where it concerns a desire for true democracy is a goddamned lie!

Portlanders for Egypt on Facebook

Time and place 03.Feb.2011 12:47

Greer Carver

I believe the official time/date/place for this rally is:
1PM-3PM, Saturday February 5, 2011, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland, OR

Labor/unemployed 03.Feb.2011 15:53

Douglas Lain

Unemployed and immigrant workers should come out for this. This is not an act of charity, but a fight for our own interests. Walk like an Egyptian.

Fri 2/11 Rally? 10.Feb.2011 14:12

JWPDX j_dubyapdx@yahoo.com

In response to Mubarak refusing to leave in his speech, I propose a rally at the square this friday 2/11/2011. Short notice, i know, but tomorow is primed to be the biggest day of protests in Egypt, and solidarity is crucial.