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Al Jazeera English Down or Overloaded -- But Tahrir Square Seems to have Held Overnight!

Despite attacks by hundreds of plaincloths police, the brave citizens of Egypt, including many women and chidren, have held off attacks one more day!
Egypt needs world opinion to make Mubarak call off his dogs. If you have any concept of the word solidarity, get on the phone or email today and jam the Obama and Condolesa Clinton switchboards and tell them that vacilation today is not good enough.

There are some armchair ideologs that are saying Egypt is just a "color revolution". That Mubarak may go but that C.I.A. will orchestrate a sell-out if it hasn't already. Cynicism is easy. You don't have to do anything but sit back and heckle while 18 year old "activists" are being stoned and shot in Cairo. But to answer the charge, a people's revolt is not always scripted by marxist or even anarachist dogma. I say, sweep out the corrupt regime of the torturers. Yes,the revolution may be corrupted. Yes, maybe even they always are. The question is do you really support a revolution.