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Home Land Security Police on Pioneeer Sq Last Week of Jan. 2011

While waiting for Max to Kaiser Medical center at Pioneer Sq. I saw four HLS SUV's and at least 5-6 uniformed Federal Protective Cops patrolling the square and along 6th st. both sides. What was going on.
One tried to get my ID card but I told him since I was on a public sidewalk in a peaceful manner he either had to place me under arrest or leave me alone. I refused to give him my ID. I did say my name as a modicum of courtesy to limit his own anger. I asked for his name too. That was it...he moved on. No major problems. Seems as if Portland has truly become a Police State.

The time has come to realize we are in great danger, as a former intelligence officer in Counter Terrorism in N. Ireland and Europe..etc.. I have enough friends who tell me of huge numbers of camps being set up to prepare for martial law under Obama's Police State rule.

Nothing new... 03.Feb.2011 00:29


The Pioneer Courthouse, just across the street, is a federal building. Federal Protective Services are glorified security guards for federal buildings, particularly ones with the offices of federal appellate judges. You've really never noticed them before? There is almost always a car parked somewhere around there. Its been that way for as long as I can remember.

It's worse than you can imagine 04.Feb.2011 12:57

Terry Wagar

I am a witness as well as a victim of a murder conspiracy started by my wife and her lover, both of whom have friends and relatives in law enforcement.
They were poisoning me and others and I caught them in the act on a audio recorder and they admitted to everything afterwords and that was caught on the same recording!

I am unable to get help either from police or a hospital due to the fact that authority's are covering it up and have seen to it I cant get help from emergency services!
They brag on audio death threats and news media and internet web sites cover up evidence I upload.
Their blackmailing me to do what they want or they will murder me and my daughters, their promising that I WILL SEE IT meaning they will kill one of my daughters first!

They are making it known on their audio death threat they are authority's by mentioning ADAM SAID FREEZE on the death threat!
Wife and lover and their Bro's in law enforcement made this death threat
Wife and lover and their Bro's in law enforcement made this death threat