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USA Empire Supports Mummy Mubarak in Egypt!

Hilary Clinton shows her bloody true face.
USA empire supports "mummy" Mubarak in Egypt!
by DLi
Wednesday Feb 2nd, 2011 3:41 AM
"The transition to democracy is Now," so proclaimed the White House Occupant Barack Obama, in his latest remark on the massive people's uprising in Egypt. Besides the utter hypocrisy of the USA rogue regime, which had supplied $1.5 billion of military aid annually to the repressive Mubarak Failed State, the USA stands alone--alongside the Zionist cabal in Israel--in its reluctance to dump the dictatorial Hosni Mubarak regime, the figuratively "Dead Man walking" in Cairo. Talk about a mummified Washington response to the flowering of popular democratic aspirations in the Middle East!
As several writers have commented, this "upsurge" in people power has shaken the elite rulers not only in the capitals of the Middle East, but the prospect of millions of empowered citizens taking to the streets to assert their democratic legitimacy have put great fear even to their corporate masters in the Imperial capitals of Europe and the United States. For over 30 years, the USA empire had cultivated the Egyptian ruling clique as the Trojan horse in the Middle East, in order to divide and suppress the popular movement against US-supported Israeli state-sponsored terrorism. But this carefully managed tactic has now been "blown back" by a massive coalition of progressive workers, students and other sectors of civil society that is calling for an end to repressive elite rule and its subservience to USA Imperial interests.

What will be the next chapter of the People's Upsurge? Stay tuned for more exciting anti-Imperialist moves by the masses--true masters of the Universe(as opposed to those self-proclaimed MoU on Wall Street and in the Pentagon!) Peace & Aloha.