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Video: No Korea Free Trade - film of protest w/music added

A video was played after Kim Kyung-Ran, presentation in January. The film is about the free trade protests in S Korea.

This is her video footage she shared with us in Portland Oregon.
The streets are FULL of people who DON'T WANT FREE TRADE
There is a scene in the video is of the man who burned himself in protest.
Kim Kyung-Ran - Protest Video (w/music added)
Kim Kyung-Ran - Protest Video (w/music added)
This is a video that was shown at this event by Kim Kyung-Ran.

The link:  link to www.archive.org (15 min)

Her video was of past (recent) video footage from (the) protests in South Korea against the Free Trade Agreements.

The short video was played by Kim as people mingled and talked after her presentation (in Portland) on the Free Trade Agreements with Korea

I added some background music to this video to cover up the talking and room noise.

This video was shown (without the music) in Portland on 1/11/11 ~joe

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